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The tech industry is becoming more diverse; every day, more organizations and companies are ditching their old recruitment methods for more inclusive ones.

In the past, this was something that created considerable gaps in the tech community because companies were not going the extra mile to hire minorities. Now, this is a crucial aspect of making the company more diverse and bringing more innovative ideas on board. 

If you want to attract more diverse tech talent, there are a couple of things you can do. For example, you can look at coding bootcamps graduates who usually have a different community.

There are also great online platforms like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code and America Code that are helping alleviate the shortage of diversity in the tech industry. Here, we show you a couple of tips to assemble a more diverse team.

Diversify Your Environment

Tech professionals from a minority group will come to your company if they know you work to enhance diversity in the workplace. Don’t just say it—build it. You can do this by putting qualified women or employees from different ethnicities in high positions. You can also diversify your departments by including different ethnicities and genders.

By doing this, you will not only attract diverse tech talent, but you’ll also retain it. When they know that they work in a company that respects minorities, they’ll feel welcomed, which will help them connect with the company’s view. 

Avoid Blind Recruitment

Delegating the recruitment process to agencies is a good thing because you’re leaving it in the hands of experts. However, sometimes they unintentionally exclude minorities because of a particular requirement. Therefore, make sure the agency understands that you’re looking for diverse tech talent.

If you are not working with an agency, whoever is in charge of recruitment needs to connect with the idea of hiring employees from diverse backgrounds. If you’re trying to build a community with different ethnicities and genders, you must avoid blind recruitment.

Create a Community With Minorities

By allying with other communities that protect minorities or creating a community of your own inside your company, you can attract diverse tech talent. Building partnerships with institutions or outside communities that work with minorities is vital to attract diverse tech talent. This type of public relations tactic will let everybody know that you’re open to hiring any qualified professional regardless of race or gender. 

Be Clear About Your Desire for Inclusion in Your Job Description

Tech companies hoping to become more inclusive need to be conscious of the way the job is described, as the job description impacts what kind of people applies. Writing in an inclusive language will make it easier for you to attract diverse tech talent. It also says a lot about your company.

If your job description makes everyone feel included, your company will be perceived as an organization that respects minorities and is open to giving an opportunity to everybody. So, whether you’re hiring a Software Engineer or a Data Scientist, remember that candidates can come from different ethnicities and genders. Writing inclusive job descriptions is the best way to let them know you’re looking for someone like them.  

Be Active in Recruitment for Diverse Tech Talent

If you want to have an impact on minorities, don’t just wait for them to come to your company—be proactive and let them know that you’re looking for people like them. By continually creating inclusive job postings on platforms like Indeed or Linkedin, you’re already going the extra mile.

Remember that although you can’t control who applies for your job, you can control the way the job description is written and the people you ultimately select. Remember also that online recruitment is not the only way to hire diverse tech talent. You can go to conferences, universities, and events that promote diversity to open your network to new candidates.


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