Padhaaro simply means arriving in Hindi. The same is a startup connecting tourists with local-experts who act as greeters for them. And help them discover never seen before destinations in the city.

The founders Sanchit Malik, Ish Jindal and Saurabh Jain were in Russia for a youth conference during there college times. Like all of us, they were excited to roam over places and discover new destinations.

However, there were no English sign boards and all they were left over with was bouncing Russian letters all over their mind. Fortunately, they managed to connect with a local Russian friends of theirs who accompanied them during their stay.

And helped them discover unknown locations. Locations which were not even in Google searches and travel blogs. The experience of suffering boggled the minds of the trio with an idea.

A strange wave uttered that the tourists arriving in India might have been facing similar problems as well. In a bit of manifestation, they defined the concept of a startup, which could provide greeting services for foreign tourists in India.

“We connect locals to tourists prior to the visits. If someon has to come to some place in India then we connect them to our greeters who are educated, good in English and other foreign languages,” explains Sanchit Malik, Co-Founder, Padhaaro

When any tourist arrives in any Indian city, a special and exclusive greeter from Padhaaro welcomes him/her in the city. However, Padhaaro doesn’t get involved in the docket of the trip and the tourist and the greeter decide the plan themselves.

Backed by Sameer and Nandini at Morpheus Venture Partners and operating in 19 cities with more than 40 greeters, Padhaaro has taken the responsibility to improve India’s image among the foreign nationals that visit the country.

Greeters get Paadharo goodies; work on improving India’s image and a chance to make a friend from another country learning about a different culture.  The tourist clearly instructed beforehand to pay for the greeter’s expenses (like food, travel) while they travel around.

“The experiences of the greeters have been awesome. Once he meets a tourist, they have built good relationships and continued to stay in touch even afterwards,” says Sanchit.

The startup is using a mix of online and offline marketing to create cognizance for the services they offer. For online marketing, social media channels and travel forums helps the startup to spread the word.

Some other direct customer-eccentric approaches like building relationships and partnerships with similar user base and blogging contests where bloggers are encouraged to share travel tips about different Indian destinations have helped them market their product.


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