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Being proactive when it comes to networking is essential to the growth of not only yourself but also the success of your business. There’s no better way to spread brand awareness or get your name out there amongst influential and talented people within your industry.

In this guide, we explore the benefits of hosting and attending events for your business.

Why is networking important?

There are a whole host of reasons why attending and hosting events for your business can be of huge benefit to you. Its often at these types of functions that the most valuable connections are made. But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few statistics:

  • 80% of professionals believe that career success can be elevated through business networking.
  • 95% of people agree that better business relationships are built through face-to-face meetings.
  • 40% of prospects become customers when in-person meetings take place

These fascinating insights collectively demonstrate to us the power of professional networking.

Brand Awareness

Hosting an event is a fool-proof way of spreading positive brand awareness on behalf of your business. From the online buzz from PR and social media posts sharing pockets of information amidst the countdown, to the day of the event itself where every industry professional who attends is discussing the success of your business and its future prospects. All attendees will go home with firm knowledge about who you are and what products or services your business provides.

Virtual Events

40% of people say they network more online than in person – therefore being empathetic to the current circumstances still lingering with COVID-19, could help you to stand out against competitors by playing host to a virtual event. As this is more inclusive to those who can’t physically be there in person, it encapsulates a much wider network of people to attend as your virtual audience, resulting in a much higher potential reach. Consider using a virtual event platform for the occasion, to ensure you don’t encounter any technical glitches along the way. It’s also a good idea to make your virtual event as interactive as possible to keep everyone engaged throughout.

Create Strong Relationships

Not only is attending and hosting events a great tool for expanding brand awareness but it’s also a pivotal way to cement strong relationships too. Being able to mingle with a group of like-minded industry professionals allows you to be authentic and honest about the work that you do, in a way that truly builds trust between new connections. Whether it’s via a virtual event or an in-person one, this still has the same resonance with attendees, giving everyone the opportunity to be open and genuine with one another.


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