Innovative yet inspiring! Sometimes observation plays a vital role in giving a shape to a success story but sometimes your personal experience do it for you. There is no shame is telling that mostly men are the chauffeur in their house, the story doesn’t end here when they don’t feel like driving they are compelled to drive to reach their destination.

To all the men out there! Hire4Drive heard you, young brains of Hire4Drive have come up with a solution. Now discover, how they are doing to solve this problem for you.

Founder Kishan Kanodia is a travel freak. He likes to travel to different places from his college days. He was working in Bangalore and likes to go to nearby places but he does not know driving and most importantly the local languages Kanada, Tamil, Telugu.

Every time he decided to go on a trip it was a very difficult to find a driver as they charge very high and it was kind of impossible to get a driver with specific requirements.

Kishan was working as a developer with Microsoft before founding Hire4drive. He has experience in client Relationship & Software development, deep understanding of travel domain and heading the operation at Hire4Drive. He has a brief knowledge of all the different aspects of the business which are necessary to run and scale up the concept successfully.

Sivaram is a Chartered Accountant and carries expertise in account and finance management. He has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and had worked with various companies to manage their accounts and financial goals. He is structuring Finance and business development.

Antarjot Singh is an LPU alumni 2012 Batch. AJ was working as a database administrator with Alchemist. He possesses strong skills in managing client relationships and decoding the consumer needs. Antarjot Singh is heading digital and offline marketing & strategic planning for the entire spectrum of the organization. He is also preparing the Launchpad strategies to expand the services to different geographies.

Kishan Kanodia and AJ are best buddies since college days and had completed graduation from LPU. Sivaram Prasad Bolla was Kishan’s friend and they met in Bangalore. Initially, Kishan discussed the idea with him and he liked the idea and decided to jump in.

Kishan has done B.Tech in information technology from LPU. He is 2012 Alumni. He possesses excellent coding skills and loves to automate things in an innovative way. He is a developer.

Sivaram is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession and done his MBA from IGNOU. AJ has done B.Tech in information technology from LPU in 2012. He has also done a diploma in corporate communications from NMIMS. He carries an expertise in designing and managing databases.

Hire4Drive meet your needs in two ways, they serve 2 categories of service; Drivers on demand and Cabs on Demand with 4 Verticals; Hourly Round Trip Service, One way Service, Outstation Trips and Outstation one way.

They are a Bootstrapped Company. They have not approached any investor as yet but they are planning to raise funds now, as they have strengthen their technology platform and they are expanding the services to different metro cities. They are now operational in Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

“Market research cannot be done while sitting on the office chair and asking Google,” says Kishan.

They talk to their customers and service partners very frequently and collect real-time reviews and data from them so as to continuously improve. They believe in visualising the facts practically to get better understanding and insights of things and are moving forward accordingly.

As of now they have more than 15000 unique customers and completed more than 42000 bookings on our platform. They strongly believe in the word of mouth marketing and referral. They are operational from last 30 months and they have sustained in the market because they are pioneer in providing on demand services.

Their several regular customers had stop employing permanent drivers and prefer on-demand driver services as it is cheap and they are sure that they will the get the best service from us every time.

Their several regular customers have stopped employing permanent drivers and prefers on demand driver services as it is cheap and they are sure that they will the get the best service from them every time.

Their marketing strategy is to give authority to the user that how they want to fulfill there travel needs. They are doing it by providing different travel options with flexible hiring to them.

On demand driver sector is new in India and people are still in process of adapting this change. “Driver industry has lots of stigmas associated with it and we believe in fading those stigmas by bringing change in the mindset of the people with our customer-first approach,” says Kishan.

This will only happen with time and with their commitment to the sector. On demand cab sector for Local rentals and outstation still carries major issues like lack of transparent pricing, Quality of cabs and drivers, the safety of passengers, real-time availability and many others. They are continuously working in this sector so that their customers do not face these issues.

They have recently rebranded Hire4drive and introduced their new Mobile app for the customers and partners on Android and IOS. They are the only company in India to come with an Integrated Mobile and Web platform to get On-demand driver and cab in one place for Local and outstation service with ride now and ride later option.

As of now, they have generated revenue of Rs1.2 crores. They are integrating with different service partners and travel search engines like Urbanclap, Houesejoy, Localoye, Zophop, Scooty, Helpchat and many others to penetrate deep into the market. Currently,  more than 500 driver partners are associated with them on the platform.

They have a plan to launch service in 100 cities by next year. They are committed to bring more efficiency into the operations and continuously strive to make our customer experience better by strengthening our technology.

First mover advantage always works and that’s what we can see here. Hire4Drive is a pioneer in providing on-demand drivers and cabs service. This boot-strapped startup has gathered positive responses from the people which give the surety that they have a promising future ahead.


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