hawai adda

How about dating your loved one on a airplane? You might have a ride on a flight to Amsterdam. But I am damn sure that you haven’t dine in in one of them. You might not be a foodie but the experience can certainly be soulful when eatables are served on a A320 aircarft.

Well, thanks to this Ludhiana-based entrepreneur who finally made it possible to eat inside an airplane. Welcome to Hawai Adda, Punjab’s 1st airplane restaurant.

The restaurant came into existence for the public a month back, after clearing all the legal procedures in Ludhiana. The A320 aircraft is a scrap purchased by the owner, and successfully converted into a fashionable restaurant parked at the Verka Milk Bar premises on Ferozepur Road in Ludhiana.

Apart from the restaurant, Hawai Adda also serves up as a cafe, bakery and a kitty hall. Hawai Adda seems to be quite a hit with the Punjab crowd, with the restaurant having a 4.5 rating on its Facebook page.

The entrance is also as that of a real flight but once you enter inside, the ambience and seating is very different. There are tables with seats around them and even though there are windows and a passageway, you will still find it be much more exciting than an airplane arrangement.

The place is open for family dinners and even hosted a few parties for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Hawai Adda is in Ludhiana and is quite a hit among restaurant-goers. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can visit it at the following address:

Address: Verka Park, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana, Punjab

Contact: 0161 508 0808


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