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To further empower the promising youth of the state with opportunities in the startup ecosystem, the government of Gujarat is leaving no stone unturned to make Gujarat a potential startup hub.

Gujarat government through a collaborative approach is engaging with entrepreneurs, incubators, and other important stakeholders from academia and finance to create an active startup ecosystem. With assertive policy & conducive business environment, the state government is enabling start-ups to grow across sectors.

Under the leadership of Shri Vijay Rupani, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, the state government has showcased the willingness to take bold decisions that would encourage more youth to join the startup ecosystem. One such initiative is an Action Seminar on Innovation, Startups & Entrepreneurship that will be organized on 11 January during VGGS 2017.

Traditionally governments have produced policies in response to various demands. But the paradigm is changing as co-authoring of policies is the most appropriate mode of policy making today. Action seminar under the guidance of The Value Web is the first formal step by the Government of Gujarat in this direction.

The seminar is based on the philosophy of engaging a broad cross section of stakeholders and making them part of the design conversation rather than to engage only experts. This would lead to brainstorming of ideas and the objective will be to design a solution in an open, dynamic environment at the Mahatma Mandir.

This action seminar will bring together 100 participants consisting of practitioners, experts, industry, incubators, academic innovation centers, people from civil society and stakeholders from Gujarat Government with a motto of ‘Make your own policy’.

This group will be engaged in an intense three-hour design effort creating solutions to specific, mission-critical challenges. The deliverable of this seminar is a document of ideas generated which will be transformed into meaningful policies delivering real benefits to the people.

The government is also providing a slew of incentives and subsidies under the technology-driven startup policies like Holistic Industrial Policy & Startup schemes. These include Startup Policy 2015 for manufacturing and Startup Policy 2016-21 with a keen focus on IT & Innovation.

These initiatives aim to further the cause of inclusive development and promote cooperation for sustainable long-term growth not only in the urban areas but rural areas as well and establish a gateway to entrepreneurship in the state.

Additional Chief Secretary (Industries and Mines), Mr. PK Taneja launched Government of Gujarat’s Vision Document for Startups at the recently organized Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 2016.

The Vision Document highlights policies and guidelines to help budding entrepreneurs to create an ideal ecosystem for startups in Gujarat. Various steps have been taken by the State Government to create a holistic environment for innovators and entrepreneurs. With this, the Government of Gujarat aims to incubate 1000 ideas by 2017 and support 2500 innovators by 2020.

With this, the Government of Gujarat aims to incubate 1000 ideas by 2017 and support 2500 innovators by 2020.

Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 will take Gujarat Government’s inaction initiatives forward by bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, policy makers and potential startups.

Celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship, in the run up to Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017, Government of Gujarat hosted two successful events tendering experiential networking and learning for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Startup Summit conducted a Grand Challenge for all innovators and start-ups across India to propose innovative solutions to the problems of Food and Water. Conducted by iCreate, this was a huge success, and Government will be offering incubation support to 200 ideas.

Support for 50 projects has been initiated, with the disbursement of around ₹2.30 crore to 22 nodal institutes that act as incubators.

The National Summit on Innovation and Technology saw more than 100 Startups showcasing their innovations and technology like Aerobotics7, MyTripKarma, KarConnect, Saathi, Smart Logic, Auto Yaar and Oizom.

‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ has been the guiding principle of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Participatory management has long been practiced by Government and evolving policies by the clients, consumers and government together is the final step of participatory democracy.

The action seminar to be organized during the eight edition of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is a step forward in this direction.

In addition to action seminar on Innovation, Startups & Entrepreneurship, Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 will have similar action seminars on Smart & Livable Cities: Opportunities & Challenges as well as on Inclusive Growth (Agriculture & Rural Economy).

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which started in 2003 to rekindle the pace of investments in the state, has since established itself as the most important business events in the country.

Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is an example of the visionary approach of the Government of Gujarat towards inclusive and sustainable development by ensuring policy coherence and effective investment promotion.

Far from the regional investment fair that characterized the first Summit in 2003, the biennial Summit has today become a unique forum for ideation, knowledge sharing, networking, explore business opportunities, sign cooperation agreements and partnerships, while setting the policy agenda to meet some of the current national challenges.

Having successfully organized seven constructive summits, Government of Gujarat, as part of its journey towards sustainable long-term growth and inclusive development is organizing the 8th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit from the 10th to 13th of January 2017 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar.

The Summit will bring together Heads of States and Governments, Ministers, executives from the corporate world, senior policy makers, heads of international institutions and academia from around the world to further the cause of development and promote cooperation.


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