Friday, December 3, 2021

Become a Contributor on Startup Wonders

Startup Wonders is new age tech media platform fostering entrepreneurship and the source for digital culture & innovation for the connected generation. We create and curate India specific stories and are dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products and breaking tech news.

Who Can Write for Startup Wonders?

Journalists, bloggers, CXOs, and experts can contribute their experiences, stories, journeys, insights and analysis on Startup Wonders. We welcome veterans from all areas of expertise, whether it be growth hacking or sales funnels, you can write an informative blog post on Startup Wonders.

Writing on our platform ensures your expertise to reach the right target audience. With 1000s of entrepreneurs visiting Startup Wonders every month to find useful resources, your voice can influence them.

What to Write for Startup Wonders?

We cater to entrepreneurs, startup founders, and CXOs. Your articles should comply with our niche and must be an effective piece of content which entrepreneurs find useful and resourceful.

Below are some of the topics you can write on:

1) Growth Hacking, Hiring Advice, Legal Advice

You can write articles on tips and techniques for a startup founder. Be it growth hacking, hiring, funding, legal or customer acquisition, you can select the topic according to your expertise and strength.

19 Notable Businesses founded by ex-Amazon Employees
[Must Read Books] Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs
7 ways Artificial Intelligence Can Make You Rich

2) Top 10, Top 25, Top 50 Lists

Lists are published on Startup Wonders regularly. Remember, you shall not include your own product or service in any of the lists. Lists can be written about products, services, tips, tricks, people and more.

Top 10 Successful Businessman in the World
10 Successful Startups From BITS Pilani That Stand Out From Rest
10 Startups From NIFT On Watchlist

3) Opinions and Industry Analysis

You can pen down your opinion on any topic including government schemes, happening announcements, tech developments and more. Industry analysis must be supported with proper references and citations.

What Will Cryptocurrency Be Like In 100 Years?
Analyzing MoEngage’s Hockey Stick Growth
Why Building a Relationship with Investors is Like Dating?

Guidelines for Writing the Content

Every article you write should pass the Copyscape plagiarism test. If your content is found to be plagiarised, you will be blacklisted which means you will not be able to write for Startup Wonders ever again.

a) Content Word Limit

A guest post should contain anywhere between 1000 to 5000 words. Articles with less than 1000 words will be directly rejected. If you want to write over 5000 words, you must first discuss the topic with the editors.

b) English Proficiency

An article should be free from grammatical errors. A strong proficiency in English is preferred for writing an article. However, small changes and corrections shall be made from our end before publishing the article.

c) File Format & Structure

All articles must be written in Microsoft Word and have .doc or .docx extension. The article should be sent along with the email as an attachment. Articles submitted in any other formats will not be entertained.

d) Images & Graphics

Images should directly be inserted inside the content in Microsoft Word. All images must contain proper credits to the original author. The minimum dimension of the image to be used is 800X600 pixels. Images smaller than defined shall have your article rejected.

e) Citations & References

Proper citation to references should be provided at the end of the article. A citation is needed to support industry metrics, funding announcements or other dependable content. Lack of proper citations can result in rejection.

How to Submit a Guest Post

You can draft the article and send it to guestpost@startupwonders.com. We are developing a writing platform to submit your guest posts directly. The platform is in beta. If you want to try it out write to us at support@startupwonders.com. We will roll out the platform in October this year.

Once you submit the article, it takes around 7-14 days for an article to be published. If the editors reject your article, you will receive an email statement about the reasons for the rejection. You may be asked to edit the article before publishing. Rejected articles will never be published.

Terms & Conditions

1) Every article submitted and published will eventually become the sole property of Startup Wonders. You cannot re-publish the article on any other platform.

2) Startup Wonders holds the rights to remove a published article at any time without prior notice and explanation to the author.

3) Startup Wonders holds the rights to insert advertisements, call to actions, forms and other marketing materials inside a published article.

4) Startup Wonders holds the rights to edit articles before publishing including but not limited to content, graphics, links and more.

5) Submitted articles should be original and free from plagiarism. Images used inside the articles should have proper credits given to the original source.

6) Submitted articles should not promote any product or service and should not be biased against any religion, caste, sex or group.