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SaaS startup Spyne raises Undisclosed funds from Smile Group, angels


AI-based SaaS startup Spyne that helps creative professionals to smartly leverage their content has raised undisclosed funding from Smile group and several other angel investors. The startup plans to use the freshly raised capital to streamline and build deeper technology and distribute massive offline content.

Founded by Sanjay Kumar and Deepti Prasad in 2018, the startup works on a full spectrum of features including face detection, auto-tagging of millions of photos with relevant text to make them crawled by Google and an AI-based Photo and Video editing solution to reduce the edit time of projects from days to minutes.

“Our vision is to build a single platform for creative professionals, businesses and consumers across the globe to achieve their creative goals in the most effective manner. The digital photography industry is worth nearly $110 billion, with millions of photographers working as freelancers on various photography assignments, producing billions of images/videos every day. There is a huge scope of innovation in the ways how content is stored, edited and distributed to clients and social media platforms presently.” says Sanjay.

The startup has signed up more than 700 photographers in the last 10 months of its launch and is further looking to scale till 3000 photographers. The Spyne platform has helped photographers to share more than 1 crore images with their clients generating around 5000 positive reviews for the photographers.

“The world speaks the language of visuals. Instagram’s growth is the biggest example. On one hand, you have creative professionals that require intuitive solutions to become more productive. At the other, you have businesses that need plenty of high-quality content to drive conversions. Let’s just take photographers as an example. Most of them still use DVDs and USBs to share their content with customers. Some have moved onto cloud-based solutions. But, can the photographers deliver personalized experiences to the people viewing the content? Can an AI solution understand the photographer’s subjective enhancements on the images and replicate the same over the photographer’s next batch of images? Spyne is exploring this route.” says Deepti.

Before launching Spyne, Sanjay was leading the product and technology teams at Oyo, Yatra, and Amazon. He has more than 12 years of experience in the industry. On the other hand, Deepti comes with more than 10 years of experience in consulting and currently handles the content marketing and digital branding of the startup.

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