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GEENEE Garners $4.4 Mn Funding In Series A


GEENEE, the revolutionary app that uses new and extremely precise image recognition technology to turn Instagram into a shoppable marketplace, is launching today out of beta on iOS and Android.

Having raised $4.4 million in Series A funding from investors such as Highlight Communications AG, Constantin Media AG, Stephen Cohen and Steve Titus, the app harnesses the convenience of a screenshot in order to empower the user to shop their most coveted looks.

Instantly capture the ensembles of your favorite Instagram influencers and find any item on-demand.

GEENEE uses its own patented technology and proprietary algorithms with human-assisted curation in order to tag and organize items to be “screenshopped.”

Simply take a screenshot of the outfit you desire and the app then analyzes and guides its users to the most precise wardrobe matches.

Shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for with the tap of a button! In the event an exact match can’t be made, GEENEE recommends an almost identical alternative available for purchase.

“GEENEE is a creative tool that bridges the gap between inspiration and accessibility,” says Founder, Thorsten Magers. “We addressed a complicated situation frequently encountered by Instagram users and provided an effortless solution. With our software, we’ve reimagined the way people will shop by allowing them to instantly purchase any outfit they see from our Instagram influencers. In doing this, we’re making shopping even more visual and allowing shoppers to be inspired.”

With the new round of funding GEENEE will continue to grow the team, bringing aboard new members to help with app development.

The app will continue to see new growth such as an increased number of Instagram influencers and shoppable items added to the inventory as well as an expansion to shop with the app across all print and digital platforms.

“We have found our niche in the fashion-tech industry as the go-to shopping resource for millennials,” says Co-Founder, Andrew Rogal. “Not only do we tailor our service to the consumer’s needs but we also unlock the opportunity for influencers to further connect with their followers. By providing this channel to interact, we have enhanced the way people can shop. With GEENEE, we look forward to continue to develop this market where influencers and shoppers intersect.”

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