Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India: As the saying goes, “there are no free lunches in the world” yet here is an organization that proposes to do just that for you. The story of a social initiative in Odisha that aims to encourage and motivate digital transformation of an entire nation. Collaborating with startups, small and medium sized businesses and with people who do not even appreciate how much their businesses can grow when they go digital.

Why Digital

There are many who question the necessity of a website. For years people have done business quite well without one, they say. To answer such queries, the world today is rapidly evolving and it is increasingly shrinking, with the internet revolution. In a world where you could reach far away countries with a website, no website for your business means losing a vast percentage of your business.

Moreover, in this day and age, an online presence portrays you as a top-notch organization and builds customer confidence in your brand. It indicates that your customers can approach you 24/7.

According to a global survey* conducted in June 2016 by CA Technologies with Coleman Parkes, India is the leader in the digital transformation business impact scorecard. This reiterates our belief that Indian firms are seeing a greater impact on their businesses due to their investments in digital transformation.

SEOFIED’s Digital Business Transformation Initiative

A leader in web development and digital marketing, SEOFIED is a firm believer and partner in GoI’s Digital India Campaign. But with their experience spanning industries and domains, the team knew the difficulties organizations face in going digital. And the leadership was keen to help more businesses jump on the digital bandwagon. The motivation was simple – as the country goes digital, the cascading effect will automatically be seen in the IT industry including SEOFIED itself, thereby leading to a win-win scenario for all.

SEOFIED provides a host of free services for small businesses and startups that do not have any website yet, including free domain, hosting, website, SEO, technical support, social media presence etc. In short, everything you need to get onto the digital world.

To quote Mr. Dinesh K Das, CEO and Founder, SEOFIED, “The vision to empower organizations through a digital platform that enables entrepreneurs across the globe what drives us. My desire is to bring the state of Odisha on the global stage through this initiative and highlight Odisha’s contribution to the IT sector in the country. The results are here for everyone to see. Out of 820 applications received from 26 states, 483 have qualified and work on 37 websites is ongoing as of now. I sincerely hope Digital India leads to a wealthier India.”

For all those budding entrepreneurs out there, if you are in need of a free website and technical support, do check out this initiative here.