These days a lot of B2C is based out of combinatorial ideas. A niche. Frangout’s mission is to enable people to connect offline by providing a seamless mobile transition experience and bringing that sense of togetherness and ease over the hangout.

“The idea came from a personal need,” says Siddharth Ramesh, the founder of Frangout.

Personal needs have always been a driving force for a lot of entrepreneurs to start their ventures. Solving a problem which you faced and might others around you be facing can give birth to a lovable product.

“We personally wanted a platform that allowed us to unify our complete social experience under a single product and also we cared about meeting new people and we started initially around that.”

Frangout recently raised funds from Facebook Start which will be used in development, marketing and growth of the product.

With Frangout they are really trying to solve the fundamental problem of:

  1. Making it easier to plan with friends/family for a hangout or a trip with discovering – invite – attend model.
  2. Creating better experiences of the time we hang out with people by providing a complete ecosystem from chat to splitting expenses and more.
  3. Reducing the friction in meeting new like minded people with similar interests.

Siddharth, a computer science engineer from Mysore has previously published apps that have been featured on app showcases. He moved to Bangalore when he managed to get a full-time job as a software engineer in a multinational, a year before graduation.

The interesting thing about him is his sports skills including cricket and Taekwondo as he has been a U-16 state cricket player.

“We are not yet giving all our attention to revenue given that we have come just a couple of months since release hence all our attention is on making our product better and community builds up. But at the same time we have a few business models to drive revenue in the near future”, says Siddharth.

Focusing on organic growth, they are trying to nail the experience for the initial set of users, who have come to love the product. In future, they will work parallel with the right business model to get a certain set of features into the product which will drive revenue.

Ramesh adds, “People love Frangout because of two reasons; the community and the product. It’s extremely important to build and nurture a community that values our mission. We are fortunate enough to have it started on the right path. We have given a lot of thought into the product and iterated constantly with regular release cycles based on user feedback”

“I would say the best time to start is now. There is no reason you can’t start right? There is no reason you can’t pick up that coding book and get started. If you are doing something outside of consumer internet, there is no reason you can’t meet people that would help you get started with that. And the other thing would be to don’t hesitate to ask if you really want something. It’s better to live with a “YES” or a “NO”, rather than “WHAT IF”,” Siddharth advice to budding entrepreneurs.


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