millionaire farmer

To achieve success, there should be patience and self-confidence and it has been proved that this auto driver of Rajasthan has both. It is hard to believe that this much money can be earned from farming. If you also want to get a similar treasure of Kuber from farming, then in the next paragraphs, read the amazing story of the success of this auto rickshaw driver.

Amar Singh, a resident of Rajasthan, was an auto driver. At the same time, he had a piece of land on which he farmed. Years ago in this series of driving and farming, Amar Singh had sow 60 seedlings of Amla(Gooseberry) in the land for just ₹1200. But he never thought that with this mere piece of land and investment, he would reach the sky of success.

Everyone knows about this act of Amar Singh. And Oh my God! After 22 years of planting these 60 plants, Amar Singh is now making a turnover of ₹26 lakhs. Amar Singh was the son of a farmer and therefore his ancestral profession was farming. Amar Singh’s father died in 1977 and that period of time, farming was the only bread earning profession for his family.

However, there was not much revenue at that time doing farming. Amar Singh started driving auto rickshaw to handle the responsibility of the house and his family. He did not find his work interesting and in 1985 he went to Ahmedabad to his in-laws’. On his way to Gujarat, he read a newspaper article, which gave information about the cultivation of Amla.

After reading the benefits, Amar Singh decided to cultivate Amla. For this, he sowed 60 seeds of Amla on 2 acres of land. The result of these decisions is that he is now counted among the millionaire farmers. Sitaram Gupta, Executive Director of Lupine Human Welfare and Research Foundation, who helped Amar Singh in this business, points out that due to his hard work, many people have got employment today including women.


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