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India has a rich historical and cultural background. It is also one of the few lands in the whole world that is known to have more than a few changes in the seasons throughout the year.

Due to various reasons, India gets to be one of the lands with very versatile beliefs of the population, their religious beliefs, languages spoken and even the smallest things like the food they eat and the clothes they wear tend to vary across states.

In the present world, India is known for some of these traditional things in the whole world and local sellers are able to sell globally from India with the help of the internet.

Unlike earlier times when there was a lot of hassle in exporting some specialties of India to the foreign countries that had high demands for Indian produce, it has become very easy these days to connect with a global audience and fulfill the demands of consumers.


India is known to be a spiritual land in which people of several different beliefs and backgrounds used to live together in peace and harmoniously. History also tells us that India has been either ruled over or been invaded numerous times like by the Mughals and the British.

These eras mark great historical times and changed a lot in our country. Some of the Mughal emperors were fond of erecting huge monumental structures with fascinating architecture and so they built many monuments like the Taj Mahal in India.

The British were fond of playing cricket and tea. So they brought these habits to India and now we have a great following of Indian cricket and high good quality produce of tea from eastern states of India.

The main point to be noticed here is that since India has been home to such a wide variety of people from different countries, they all have added to the Indian culture and habits in some of the other ways that we can observe today.

This is how the history of a nation affects its population even after hundreds of years of some major historical events. Apart from that India is itself a nation of diversity and some Indian traditions and delicacies are still famous throughout the world and are in high demand.


Here is a list of things and foods that are famous in India, some of which are also exported to foreign nations due to high foreign demands.

SPICES: Ayurveda is a branch of Indian medicine that helps to heal various physical as well as mental illnesses. Most of the ayurvedic practices use basic spices and kitchen items to heal a patient.

Indian spices are of great quality and there are almost no other nations that grow these spices so most of the demands of spices throughout the world are fulfilled by spices grown in India that are then exported to other countries.

Some famous spices include chili, turmeric, cardamom, fenugreek seeds, cumin, pepper, coriander, ginger, fennel, garlic, and nutmeg.

These spices have become essential items used for cooking and various other health-related purposes in India as well as throughout the country and nowadays, local sellers can also sell globally from India using online platforms.

CLOTHES AND FABRICS: since India has a seasonal as well as cultural variation across various states, there is a lot of change that is noticed in the basic living style of the people across these varied backgrounds.

India has some famous hand works, fabrics, and prints that are known throughout the world and people from all nations consider some of them as Indian delicacies. Some of these fabrics and prints are also exported to other countries.

Examples are jute and khadi fabric, silk, pashmina wool from Kashmir, phulkari work from Punjab, chikankari embroidery from Lucknow, ikat prints, and indigo prints on cotton fabrics, and many more.

FOOD: pertaining to the versatile cultural backgrounds of people across the states, their food habits, and regional delicacies also vary. Many of these delicacies are so famous that tourists never miss a chance to relish in their flavors whenever they are visiting.

Apart from tourists, even Indian citizens must make it a point to plan and visit certain areas in the country to indulge in their regional delicacies.

Some examples of these delicacies are pani puri in the northern states, bati chokha in Bihar, dal bati in Rajasthan, biryani and kebabs in Lucknow, street food and sweet dishes in small towns like Kanpur, dosa idli, and other South Indian delicacies in Bangalore and Mysore, Rasgulla and other Bengali sweets in Kolkata.


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