New Delhi, January 22, 2017: Founded in December, 2016 by Ashish Yadav (NITIE alumnus), Prashant Tomar (FMS-Delhi alumnus) and Sakhi R (Symbiosis Alumnus), Togedr is a mobile app which turns strangers with common interests into friends, pushing them to share experiences in real life.

Amongst millions of mobile apps across 139 countries, Facebook selected Togedr and a handful of other apps for its global FbStart program, making it eligible for $40,000 of free tools and services. Togedr was selected because of its impressive development and for its potential for growth.

Ashish Yadav, the CEO says “FbStart’s funding comes as no surprise, our focus was always two pronged- Making an elegant and intuitive design for users and business partners, and building a robust revenue model.”

Prashant Tomar, co-founder and CMO says “With Togedr our impetus has always been on creating a “real world” social app. For this we first created a platform where users can find people with similar interests- really fast. People look for companions and things to do in the “now”, they look for instant gratification which becomes unachievable with offline planned meetups. This is the core user insight Togedr is built on”.

Ashish Yadav, the CEO further adds “But, all of this goes to waste if people do not meet in real life which is a case with most social apps, so we supplemented Togedr’s experiences based people’s network with an activities/events discovery and booking platform.”

What makes Togedr stand apart is its focus on connecting people who are minutes away from each other over activities/events happening in the “now”.

The genius of Togedr lies in its platform for experience owners and businesses. The platform helps businesses to scale up and market themselves at zero cost. Togedr’s proprietary back-linking algorithms have completely automated inventory management, CRM, payments and customer bookings; helping business owners to focus on their core offerings without worrying about bookings and payments.

Started in Gurgaon, Togedr has established a presence in 4 major metros across India in just 2 months. They plan to scale up rapidly in the coming few months. They are presently looking for potential investors and talent who share their common vision of helping the world make more honest connections in real life.

Founded in 2016, Togedr is the brainchild of people like you, stuck in the 9 to 6 trap, but yearning to get out of it. We felt the need to bring people together – the ones with mundane routines but young at heart, the ones missing out on their hobbies due to lack of an ideal place or an interesting buddy.

In our everyday quest to impress our boss, to pay the bills, to keep up appearances, and to fulfill our responsibilities, we suppress our inner selves that define us. We forget the importance of leisure time and recreation, deriving vague pleasure from a weekend movie or a couple of hours at a pub.


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