Please introduce yourself and your business

Hey, my name is Mara Riopel and I help driven entrepreneurs create passive income online. I can show you how to seamlessly integrate a lifestyle component into your brand without taking away from what you’re already known for.

I partnered with a global health & wellness company and get to leverage tools out there with technology, systems, automation and a business model that is already built which allow us to generate income. If you build your business right, it pays you even when you sleep.

I show professionals, coaches, bloggers, influencers etc. how to build a recurring income stream through what I call “the new network marketing”. The old school tactics are out, the new age of personal brands and attraction marketing is in!

How important is marketing to generate passive income?

I think marketing is everything because it helps you build connections. If you can’t attract your clients, who are you selling to? In order to build relationships with people who want to work with you, you need to build ‘know like and trust’ with them right? So consistently showing up with your marketing efforts to add value, and letting them know you through your personal brand is a huge component of what I do.

What advice will you like to share with an entrepreneur thinking of creating passive income?

I’d say get on it!!! Passive income should be a top priority for anyone looking to build long term wealth.

The main reasons I personally chose network marketing as a vehicle are that your earning ability is unlimited, it has low start up cost, very little risk, and it is a willable business. Yes you read that right, the sky’s the limit for how much you can make, AND you can leave it all to your family when you go. I don’t know about you but the ability to create generational wealth is a huge priority of mine.

Another bonus is that you don’t reinvent the wheel or start from scratch like other businesses. You  need to learn the basics and skills as you go but you also have free support, coaching and mentorship in place to help you start and grow your business.

We all work hard and hustle, so focusing on something where you get paid more than once for the work you put in is powerful. You want passive income to build up over time. It’s what will allow you to create real choices in your life and help you avoid burnout in your business.

If you’re interested in what this might look like for you, reach out to me ( Facebook, Instagram ). I’m happy to answer questions.


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