Aparna Thakker Founder & CEO of Empowerji

Empowerji is a one-of-a-kind multi-lingual app for senior citizens that will teach them how to use technology. The unique app is designed keeping Seniors in mind and will use the audio-visual medium to simplify the use of mobile apps, sites, and another tech.

Videos in the app are currently offered in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. The app will be available to iOS and Android users. The app will be Freemium with paid services being launched soon. The App is currently free for all. All the tutorial videos which are available on the application are exclusively created by Empowerji team.

The app has a various unique feature like:

Hassle free login– There will be no requirement of Email Id to log in the application, the user can log in just by adding the mobile number and other details

Language preference – With 4 basic languages to choose from, the user can comfortably learn at his own pace.

Voice guidance – Audio explaining the use of main screens serves as a guide for new users. Depending on the language preference selected, voice guidance will play in either English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati.

Video Help – An embedded video tutorial on how to use the Empowerji App is also available in the App in case users need help with navigation.

Silver Diaries – Stories of seniors is a video series initiative by Empowerji which will showcase stories of inspiring senior citizens amongst us. This group will feature seniors from different walks of life, narrating their stories and experiences. The aim is to be a voice of the greying generation and share their stories with the world.

Video Learning Content – Empowerji has built a proprietary library of learning videos making technology easy to understand for seniors.

Community – Apart from learning tech, App also encourages users to participate in sharing authored writing works and photographs with the community.

Commenting on the launch, Aparna Thakker, Founder & CEO, Empowerji, said, “My mission has been to create something that can have a positive impact on society at large. According to a 2016 report by the Ministry for Statistics and Programme implementation, India has 103.9 million senior people above age 60, about 8.5 per cent of the population. The senior population has grown at about 3.5 per cent per year. If we include people above 50 years in this group, these numbers become larger. With technology rapidly changing how we do things, life has become easy. But for generations not native to tech like those above the age of 50 yrs, these changes are daunting.”

Empowerji App is a unique brand in our country that is focused on teaching senior citizens how to use technology, they have built multilingual basic learning videos in Hindi, Marathi, English, Gujarati that can be freely accessed from Empowerji App. It is incepted in 2018 currently based out of Mumbai. They started conducting seminars in the gymkhanas, clubs, and restaurants to guide Seniors about the latest technology and how to use applications in the digital age.

He further added, “I wanted to make this transition for older adults a little easier. So I decided to create a platform which can help older adults learn technology with the help of an App they can access anytime anywhere. With the Empowerji app older adults will be able to learn how to use everyday applications/websites without depending on anyone. The app is designed with Seniors in mind and is available in 4 popular languages to start with. Our app is primarily a learning App but it does much more. Our constant effort will be to make this brand grow beyond a B2C platform and become a pioneer in the industry with customer satisfaction being our topmost priority.”

Empowerji’s mission is to empower older adults by teaching them Tech, hence the name EmpowerJi. Empowerji experts conduct tech workshops where they demo how to use everyday Apps and Sites. They have now launched the Empowerji App which will be available on the Apple and Android stores. Very soon they will be introducing other services for seniors. To know more about Empowerji, go to their website.


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