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An easy way to strengthen your work culture is to recognize employees on their work anniversaries. Here are some employee anniversary gift ideas that you can use within your organization.

Feature Them on Landing Page

There is no better way to express your appreciation for your employee’s hard work than to make him the face of your company for a while. You can create a page to feature anniversaries of employees for a day or two. Denver-based public relations firm Groundfloor Media does the same and it pays off pretty well. Outside Online named Groundfloor Media as one of America’s top places tow work for four years in a row.

Sponsor an Experience

You can celebrate employees’ long-term diligence by giving them a chance to have a whole new set of experiences. It might be a voucher for their favorite event, a fantasy convention or skydiving jump. It can further be combined with giving the employee an extra day off. The recipient will have lots of stories to share with his co-worker when he comes back and that will bring up the motivation of your other employees as well.

Personalize the Gift

According to Gallup, personalization is one of the top three characteristics of employee recognition. For example, you should never stock identical coffee mugs that say “Happy Work Anniversary” and hand them out to every other employee. Instead, offer something that demonstrates the company’s relation with every worker as a unique individual. One option could be setting up an employee recognition portal that has a large catalog of rewards that employees can pick from.

Make them Feel Special

If your employee drives to work, it can be a fun treat to let him use a VIP parking space for a week. If your employee usually takes the bus, you could hire a car service for him for a day and include a free meal en route to work. The core concept is to break the employees’ daily routine and make them feel special about their connection with your company. Kelley Zanfardino of the HR Center for Excellence terms it as Rolling Out the Red Carpet.

Lunch With the CEO

This works with small groups of employees whose work anniversaries fall within the same period, say in a week. However, for bigger organizations with thousands of employees, this could be pretty hard to manage. Leadership consultant Christine Comaford writes that employee lunches with the CEO are “a terrific way to foster connection and safety, belonging, and mattering in your culture.”


There are numerous ways to establish roots of positivity in your organization and it doesn’t require a massive investment of time and money.


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