Kudos to the great brains who inspire people by making their success stories. These daring individuals fight the storm and make their way from the stones that life throws in their way. Not everybody can do it but yes those who are daring enough and want to set their footprint, do it. We all know that we learn from our experiences but some of us see it from another perspective and that’s the point where the opportunity strikes your mind.

Same thing happened with Abhishek Bagaria but yes, he saw the problem from the other perspective and brought his idea to life which people know as “Elasticjobs” . Discover how he did it all and what’s his success mantra.

Birth of the Idea

When looking for a part time teaching job for himself, Abhishek realized that there was not a single organised platform, where one can find such Jobs. He also realized that in spite of so many Job portals, Job Boards etc in the market  it was quite difficult to find a genuine part time, work from home, freelance job. This is when he got the idea for this product.

Initially, the idea was to build something for teaching jobs only, but later he decided to include all white collared flexible jobs.

Glimpse of the Founder’s Life

Abhishek Bagaria is the Founder & CEO of Elasticjobs.

Abhishek is an avid reader, and interested in all kind of books. Starting from books on Management, Spirituality, Political History to thrillers, he reads them all. He is also a sports enthusiast and starts his day with a game of tennis. He loves to travel, and often would take a trip to a forest to unwind himself.

Education:  B-Tech (Hons), IIT Kharagpur, PGDBM (S. P. Jain Mumbai)

Abhishek has had an illustrious corporate career, spanning about 15 years, having worked in various industries like IT, FMCG, Entertainment, and the Internet. He has training and experience in the areas of Application Design & Architecture, IT Strategy, Business Process Analysis, IT Project Management, Account Management etc. He has worked for Companies like Mphasis, Cognizant, ITC, Diageo in India and in the United States.

The idea of Elasticjobs came into his mind when he was looking for a part-time teaching assignment for himself. He discovered how challenging it was to find a suitable part time job.

All You Need to Know About Elasticjobs

Elasticjobs make hunting for flexible jobs easier, faster, and safer. It also helps the companies find right resources for their Flexible Jobs. They are a marketplace for Flexible Jobs and Resources, which is enabled by intelligent humans and Technology.

Typically they deal with Part-Time, Work from home, Freelance, Flex time, Internship Jobs. Their prime customers are Women, Students, Retired people, Freelancers looking for Part time / Work from home / Freelancing  type of jobs. Their customer can also be a working executive or a business person looking for a  job for weekends or for the evenings.

All Companies who want to tap the pool of resources interested in flexible working are their customers.

At the core of their offering is the Elasticjobs.com portal, which is build on latest technologies which drives the entire service delivery framework. The services delivery is designed in such a way, that sufficient hand holding and human intervention is provided to the user, so that they don’t get bogged down by too much technology.

They also personalize User experience in the portal based on his profile and preferences. The users receive mobile and email alerts for Jobs and Resumes matching their profile and their portal data is also personalized accordingly.

Their technical product and services woven around it, provides their customers an excellent user experience.

A Bootstrapped Startup

Till now, their venture is totally bootstrapped. But yes, in near future they shall look for external funding.

Market Research “A Core Element”

Abhishek says “For a startup like us, market research is a continuous process. We are always trying to get feedback from our customers about our products and services.   All feedback we receive through mails or phone calls, is properly documented, structured and acted upon. We continuously review the feedback and make changes to our products and services accordingly”.  

They also analyse the customer data generated in our system, to figure out what is working with the customers and what isn’t.  Apart from this they also conduct polls and surveys in social media to understand the demographic spread of their customers and the needs of the particular target group.

All this help them define and evolve their product and service requirements. It also helps them to frame their marketing strategy.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

They first define their target group of customers. For example one of the target group for them is ‘Women who cannot take up a full time job, due to family constraints’. This target group is looking for part time / work from home assignments, which they can manage along with their family life.  Another such target group is students who are looking for part time and internship assignments. Once target group is defined, they identify the channels in the social and physical media, where they can tap their target group. Their endeavor is to pitch their services in such channels so as to achieve maximum impact.

Marketing Strategy

For a Startup, a large part of the marketing is getting the product/services right. Nobody gets the product right the first time, it evolves and crystallizes based on customer feedback. So for a startup, rather trying to start with the best product, one should start with a product, and then fine tune it based on the market feedback. This iterative process should be ingrained in the DNA of any startup.

Apart from this, as mentioned above, identifying the target groups and the target channels is very important. Once the channels are identified, the entire communication and advertising plan should be focussed on these channels.  As a part of their strategy, they also try to tie up, with other companies which sell non competitive products to the same target group. This helps them cross sell their products. One learning they have is, just identifying a need / pain point, in the market is not sufficient to succeed, one needs to have a right product / service to address the need and that too at a right price.

Potential in Sector

Staffing is a huge industry and there are multiple players in the market. From big Job Portals to small or big Job Consultants, all are part of this industry. Their company deals only with  flexible jobs and resources. Their customers are Job Seekers who are looking for flexible job options and Companies who want to tap into this resource base. They do not deal with normal full time jobs, and this is their differentiating factor. They believe that flexible jobs need to be dealt in a different way.

This universe of Flexible jobs, contains a lot of Junk, such as either too-good-to-be-true opportunities, ads, repetitive postings or simply scams aimed at trapping the gullible Job seekers. They follow a process, where every single job on Elasticjobs is reviewed by intelligent humans for legitimacy, and only those that pass their screening are allowed on Elasticjobs. So they filter out all junk and present to their users good, clean, quality jobs.  Currently there are no organised player working in this domain,  and so they want to establish themselves as a reliable player in this domain.

Thought Behind the Idea

They feel that this flexible working  is an idea whose time has come.  Given that in today’s world nuclear family is the order of the day, there is a lot of balancing required between family and work life. Also due to excessive media exposure, aspiration levels in people are increasing and so there is a need to earn more.

Due to advanced technologies and quality of internet, remote working is quite a reality now. Cities are getting congested so traveling to the workplace is time and resource consuming. All these trends lead them to flexible working. The demand for such jobs is growing very fast and it will become a very big market in near future. In the West, flexible working is already very big and many big Corporates are offering  this as an incentive to their employees.


Currently, they have about 8000 Job Seekers and 60 odd companies registered with us and the list is growing every day. They have started generating revenues, and also generating very good traction in the market.

Model of Generating Revenue

They have a subscription based revenue model. The basic portal services are free for both Job Providers and Job Seekers. For premium services, customers can purchase one of three offered subscription products. Currently they offer Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly subscriptions to both Job Seekers and Job Providers.

Categories of Flexible Work Available In India

  • Part time/ online teaching, or creating educational content like test papers, or subject content.
  • Content Writing, Blog writing, Technical writing: This is very popular, and can be easily done remotely.
  • Designing – Any kind of designing job, like Graphic designing, Web site designing, brochure designing, fashion designing etc.
  • Transcription & Translation – Translation from English to Native Indian languages and vice versa is quite popular. Market research and Media companies need this regularly.
  • Software Development, Digital Marketing, Internet Research, Recruitment and Staffing, Tele calling are some of the other popular ‘Work from home’ categories.
  • Accounting, Customer service, Office admin, sales are other important categories where we find a lot of part time jobs.

Geographical Spread of Such Flexible Jobs In India

Most of such jobs come from companies in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. Most of these coming from cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. But advantage of many such jobs are that they are pure ‘work from home’ kinds, and so can be done from ‘anywhere in India’.

 Flex –work Provides Long-term Income Stream for the Women

“Yes very much. It is same as full-time working. As she works, she gains experience; she builds her resume and skills sets.  With experience, she can grow in her role also, from Content writer to Content Manager. As a content manager, you manage a number of content writers under you, and rather than writing content, you proof read content written by others, all in ‘work from home’ basis. But yes, for long term sustenance one needs to have a career plan in place. One needs to be clear, how one wants to grow career wise and choose her jobs and identify the training and development needs accordingly. She has to keep herself updated with the changing environment. Women who are not so vigilant about their growth needs may end up doing the same type of work for years and face a burn out” says Abhishek.

Next Milestone to Achieve

“We want to create a great brand in 3 years time in the area of flexible jobs. We want to create a very credible marketplace for flexible jobs where both Job Seekers and Companies feel safe working with. Anyone thinking about flexible jobs in India should think about us” says Abhishek.

In future, they also want to venture into skill development, with the focus on improving the employability of people who want to take up flexible jobs. While interacting with Job seekers they felt that many have a need for career counselling and skill development.



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