Wednesday, May 27, 2020
COVID-19 Tracker
  • World 5,684,208
    Confirmed: 5,684,208
    Active: 2,901,435
    Recovered: 2,430,563
    Deaths: 352,210
  • USA 1,725,275
    Confirmed: 1,725,275
    Active: 1,144,734
    Recovered: 479,969
    Deaths: 100,572
  • Spain 283,339
    Confirmed: 283,339
    Active: 59,264
    Recovered: 196,958
    Deaths: 27,117
  • UK 265,227
    Confirmed: 265,227
    Active: 228,179
    Recovered: ?
    Deaths: 37,048
  • India 150,793
    Confirmed: 150,793
    Active: 82,172
    Recovered: 64,277
    Deaths: 4,344

Key Highlights of our Editorial Policy

We take great pride in the quality of the content created by us and are very particular about the content displayed on our app, website and social channels. To ensure consistently high quality of content, we have developed strict editorial guidelines, key features of which are highlighted below.

1.  Sourcing from multiple sources:

We verify the facts stated in each story/article from at least three sources thereby ensuring their accuracy and credibility. Our creators read several articles on before writing any resourceful article, distill the common facts which emerge and then create original content for the website. We also receive submissions in form of press releases. An article formed out of a press release shall contain a disclaimer at the bottom stating that it’s sourced from a Press Release.

2.  Multiple layers of review:

We make sure that every article/story goes through multiple layers of review. The first is a self-review process whereby the author of the story reviews each story based on a carefully designed internal checklist which ensures that the story meets the language, grammar, plagiarism and content. At the second layer of review, a content editor again ensures that each of the guidelines is met Along the way, we also use state-of-the-art anti-plagiarism software which introduces another layer of review to ensure that no improper content sneaks through.

3.  We take plagiarism seriously:

We believe in being creative instead of being copycats. Plagiarism is simply not acceptable and any violation is not tolerated. We strive to use only such content as is licensed to us. We apply high anti-plagiarism standards and flag use of even three consecutive words from the source as potential plagiarism. Of course, if these three consecutive words form part of a direct quote, then we do not consider it to be plagiarism. We also use state of the art anti-plagiarism software which applies similar high standards and flags any short which does not meet this. The multiple layers of review ensure that plagiarism is checked at every

4.  Respecting other’s IP:

 We value our intellectual property and similarly respect the intellectual property of others. Our creators ensure that images used for our articles/stories are either based on open source material or used based on a specific license. The multi-layer review process and the internal checklist ensure that the source of each image on the shorts is appropriately

5.  Consistency in language and style:

In order to ensure consistency in language of our articles/stories and the style in which they are written, we ensure that they all follow grammar styles which are provided to each creator in our detailed editorial