Everyone wants to know about space. You want to know about space. I want to know about space. Apparently, what space smells like is one of the burning questions lakhs of people ask themselves. Probably, you won’t be traveling to space any sooner, it is best for you to buy a perfume that smells like space.

There are so many things ordinary folk, aka people who are not astronauts, want to know about space. Apparently, what space smells like is one of the burning questions thousands of people ask themselves. Since it’s probable that all those people won’t be able to travel to space in the near future, they’re doing the next best thing: buying a perfume that smells like space.

As of Tuesday, more than 8,000 people had pledged over $366,000 to a Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring “Eau de Space”, a perfume that smells like space. The campaign’s organizers say NASA designed the perfume decades ago for astronaut training and testing purposes.

NASA aimed to simulate what space was like as much as possible in order to eliminate any surprises astronauts might experience up there and thus developed the perfume for simulation purposes. However, it had hidden its simulated space smell for years.

“Through sheer determination, grit, a lot of luck, and a couple of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we got it out,” the campaign’s organizers wrote. “Now we need your help to mass manufacturer it so that everyone can experience the Smell of Space for themselves.”

The smell of space has been compared to many things over the years, including “burnt steak, hot metal, and arc welding on [an astronaut’s] motorbike.”

The “Eau de Space” campaign’s team has fashion, technology, design, and logistics experts. All together they have partnered with the best perfumers in the world. The whole team is set to manufacture Eau de Space and only needs to meet its minimum order quantity.

You can buy a bottle of Eau de Space on Kickstarter beginning at $29 (INR 2,200), which will get you 4 ounce (118 ml) bottle and will donate another to a local K-12 STEM program. The shipping is scheduled to begin in September 2020.


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