The Team

IT firms have occupied their space in almost every place nowadays. With the increasing demand for IT Services and Solutions, a huge flow of startups and competitions emerged in the market. Different companies have different mindsets of working and not every customer is satisfied by the existing service providers. This is why Pavan Sirasanambedu began his entrepreneurial journey to make everyone comfortable with excellent services and reasonable prices and he founded EasyStepIn IT Services Private Limited serving the customers in IT since September 12, 2016.

Pavan was the customer himself before launching his startup and tried and tested services from different companies and gradually he observed issues and complexities faced by customers in various regards. One such customer pain was “Time” as companies were taking several months to solve even a simple problem, and the main consideration was the Cost. He thought to work on these two major problems faced by consumers.

By working on these two problems he came up with an idea of his company. EasyStepIn is a bootstrapped startup and the founders themselves invested around INR 1 crore in the firm since its inception.

Every entrepreneur faces problems in their success journey and Pavan was no different. The main challenge was to understand the mindset of clients to provide them the best services in the industry and he did it well. Using innovative image/content/video/direct interaction based marketing techniques, Pavan managed to get initial traction.

As soon as they understood the basic problems, they started working on them from the very first day and getting a positive response. They do their best to remain a cost-competitive vendor, leveraging their technical expertise to provide outstanding services and deliver high-quality solutions in time.

They are using different technology platforms such as SAP HCI, Dell Boomi, MuleSoft, Jitterbit, Workato, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure/BotsFramework, IBM Watson Framework, Python, Django, and other open-source frameworks. They also support old tools such as BizTalk, Tibco, Web Method, etc.

Other Services include iPaaS Implementation & Managed Services, IoT/AI Implementation & Managed Services, Blockchain Contracts, and Mining, Consulting, Resource Outsourcing for short term needs (3 months but will not relieve from their company) but will prefer working from their office or on & off-model, Web & Mobile Apps Development.

Their product helps testing automation, project management with required contracts management with a simple UI approach and no need to write a single line of code. It will be helpful for all SME’s. They are building products with python AI algorithms which gives more flexibility. Their final target is to help organizations AI-based platform at low cost.

They are helping customers with pre-built package-based services which reduces cost and time for customers. They have CRM, ERP, HCM, Healthcare, Finance and InsuranceiPaaS solutions with Zero Coding and the time taking for Development and Deployment is very less and it’s a user-friendly tool. Also developing a product that solves data related testing problems, project management with AI or Modern Approach. There is no proper project management, API testing management, and contract management platform for any organization which comes as a package with affordable cost.

The Team

EasyStepIn doesn’t face any direct competition from any existing platform as their approach is unique their products solve many problems of the customer with ease without letting customers write any code. They support AI/ML chatbot and voice bot solutions, testing with API and several other modern approaches. EasyStepIn is trying to implement a secure Blockchain approach for financial transactions or contracts.

Pavan chose Bangalore as his company location as it is called the IT Hub of India, also because this location has more facilities in terms of environment, economically, popular for all foreign customers and he found a lot of skilled resources and employees.

Here is EasyStepIn technical team strength:

  • 40+ Dell Boomi iPaaS Team
  • 10+ MuleSoft iPaaSTeam
  • 10+ AI/ML/IoT/Robotics Team – AWS/Azure/Python/Bot Frameworks
  • 7+ Application Development Team – Python/Django/Java/Angular JS/Flutter Hybrid Framework/HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery/Ajax
  • 2+ Salesforce Team

They are implementing the most effective and trending technologies with innovative solutions building concepts and looking for funding support as they are planning for further stable growth. Most of our resources are multiskilled and it helps us to achieve client deadlines on time.

EasyStepIn Solutions/Proof of Concept:

  • ESI Go – HRM tool to make HR and Managers job easy with one click.
  • ESI Forge – QC check tool used in manufacturing industries.
  • ESI Edu – Used to track school fee payment and students’ progress reports.
  • ESI Fin – Q Management system along with additional features.

EasyStepIn Products:

  • Shield– Device that sends alerts to emergency contacts or nearby police stations when a person is in risk/emergency.
  • AI – Recommendations – Framework/Algorithm which provides recommendation based on user location or user taste.
  • AI – Emotion Detection– Framework/Algorithm which detects patients or person facial expression and gives a report.
  • ESI Health – It’s a software where patients can book an appointment with listed and licensed doctors.
  • Foody–App to book a table in the restaurants.
  • Cloud Solution Framework– Its software product can be used to manage projects/products. Cloud Solution Framework has key features such as Project Management, Contract Management, API Testing, Solution Management, Testing Automation, and better user management.

Employees are the pillars of the Company and hence they select the best one by some appropriate efforts. They hire employees based on Interview skills and also on assignment performance as an Intern. If a candidate is having experience then they can check their existing skills and consistency.


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