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Dr. Pranjan Mitra

With over 5000 dental laboratories and 297 dental institutes, the Dental Industry in India is vast and it is predicted that India will be one of the largest single-country markets for dental products and materials. The dental market is expected to have a growth rate of 20-30 %, with investment groups building multispecialty hospitals offering general dentistry and specialist treatments.

To tap into this exciting sector, Dr. Pranjan Mitra founded Denta Mitra in July 2020, a one-of-its-kind AI-based visual dentist app. It brings dentistry to home and people can scan, diagnose, and track their oral health status from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they are reminded of their daily oral hygiene actions which they might miss otherwise.

A revolution in oral healthcare, the app has proved to be highly efficient especially during the COVID pandemic as most of the patients are reluctant to visit dental clinics in person.

Born in Haldwani, Dr. Mitra is a public health dentist and a professor in one of the reputed Dental College and Hospital. He has more than 15 national and international research papers to his credit and is a recipient of the Indian Health Professional Awards in 2017 for the Category – Excellence in Public Health Dentistry.

The Ideation

Once a patient visited Dr. Mitra in his dental college with yellow spots in his teeth from a very far off village; around 100 km away. He was worried if he had cancer or serious illness in his teeth. Dr. Mitra convinced him that his teeth were just stained due to the fluoride in the water which he drinks and the problem is not serious.

However, the poor guy had taken leave from his work and spent almost his entire day traveling for a dental consultation.

Seeing the pain of the person, it occurred to Dr. Mitra that if some technology could help him to get information about the dental problem on spot, he could have saved a lot of time, money, and resources.

And Denta Mitra was born.

With the help and mentorship of his childhood friend, Satyajeet Pradhan, who is a well-recognized tech entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Bizydale Nets, Denta Mitra came to existence.

denta mitra
Dr. Pranjan (R) with Satyajeet Pradhan (L)

What exactly is the Denta Mitra?

It is a virtual app-based tooth scanning solution to help track, measure, and assist people in their oral health. People can scan their teeth from anywhere. If a problem is found, patients can consult Dr. Pranjan through a video call. The app also recommends some home remedies which people can try on their own.

The Bengaluru-based startup has secured seed funding from Mr. Prabir and Satyajeet Pradhan, who is also a board member of the startup.

Dr. Pranjan says, “We received initial traction through social media marketing, showcasing the product in Conferences, PR activities, Referrals and Pilot activities in Dental Colleges. Denta Mitra will be useful for corporates who will be able to monitor their oral health through their mobiles despite having a very busy schedule.”

The Challenges

Businesses are not built in a day. Every entrepreneur faces challenges and those who overcome; succeed.

The most challenging part for Dr. Mitra was handling the business operations. Since he is not from a business background and has very little technical knowledge, building an app was not his cup of tea.

He found the solution in his childhood friend Satyajeet. Since Satyajeet is a tech entrepreneur, he helped Dr. Mitra with technological backend. Moreover, he also helped in arranging finances and initial funding.

More about Denta Mitra

Dr. Pranjan says, “To the best of my knowledge, there is no app which offers the service as my startup because I have ventured into an unexplored territory where no one has dared to go before. Firstly this app is from an awarded Public Health Dentist, and thus the app includes the best practices in dentistry and oral care that only an experienced and skilled dentist could suggest. Denta Mitra is the world’s first Ai Virtual Dentist App. The oral health scanner based on artificial intelligence is a novel feature. We at Denta Mitra have a highly skilled Medical and Technology Research and Development team. Our tech support team is highly qualified and comprises one of the top brains in the AI domain. Denta Mitra is going to revolutionize dental health in India with its unique concept tracking of oral health by the mere touch of one”s smartphones.”

The startup hires through referrals and virtual campus placements from top colleges. Every candidate goes through a 3-months internship and a 6-months probation period before getting a permanent status in the firm.

The app has been receiving overwhelming response since they launched the first version. The app was selected to be pitched at Entrepreneur LIVE, Chandigarh. The app has also received Indian Achievers Awards 2020 for Healthcare Excellence.

Future Plans

For the next 3 years, Denta Mitra plans to evolve further in AI-technology. Dr. Mitra aims to implement solutions to solve dental problems without stepping out of homes or offices. He aims to revolutionize dental healthcare by introducing teledentistry into the industry and create awareness on the importance of dental health across cities.

99% of the dental market in India is private. Most practices in India are Solo with multi-operations. Several large multinational players such as Apollo Group, Wockhardt, and Fortis Healthcare are setting up a chain of dental clinics to tap into this rapidly growing Dental Industry in India.

Over 90% of the dentists work in and around major cities. As job opportunities in both the public and private sectors are relatively less, most dentists set up their private clinics. Every year approx.

12,000 to 15,000 new practices start in the country. Looking at India’s rapidly growing dental market many multinationals like KAVO G C, Ivoclar-Vivadent, Dentsply, 3M, Nobel Biocare, Mectron, Sirona, Aceton, Coltene, Voco, S S White, Septodont and others have set up offices in India.

Dental supplies account for the largest share of the overall dental market comprising consumables and implants, equipment, and services. The segment includes products used in dental procedures such as amalgams and alloys; prosthetic and aesthetic supplies, orthodontic supplies, endodontic supplies, dental implants, and infection control products.


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