Delhi govt introduces Entrepreneurship as a subject in schools, will spend 50 crores


The Government of Delhi has announced to introduce “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum” as a compulsory subject for the students of class 9 to 12 in all its government-run schools. The initiative is in line with bringing the syllabus on par with the needs of the current economic scenario of the country.

The subject will be introduced across 1,024 schools as a compulsory non-graded subject. The state-run schools will organize a 40-minute class on the subject every day. To meet the requirements, the government of Delhi has allocated a budget of ₹40-50 crores from its budget for 2019-2020.

Moreover, the students will be rewarded with ₹1,000 each to work on different case studies and develop feasible business models and will be allowed to keep the returns. However, there will not be any marks-based or graded exams for the subject. Neither there will be any specific textbook for the subject.

The whole focus is to guide the teenagers about the spirit and character traits of successful entrepreneurs. The whole program is designed by a joint committee of SCERT & NCERT teachers with addon guidance from experts like Abhishek Gupta who have worked in the field of entrepreneurial education for a long time.

The project has been launched with endorsements from successful entrepreneurs including Flipkart’s co-founder Binny Bansal, MDH’s CEO Dharampal Gulati and Sri Krishna Pickles’ founder Krishna Yadav.

The Delhi government conducted a pilot program in 24 schools from 1st April to 10th May to get feedback and ideas before finally approving the curriculum. More than 3000 teachers are being trained every day through a week-long training program and have been provided with a manual having 15 chapters including ‘Dream Big’, ‘Recognize Opportunity’, planning, listening, collaboration, ‘Bounce Back From Failures’, etc.

The Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has recently recognized a record 814 new startups in May 2019. This indicates that the startup ecosystem in India is emerging towards a whole new phase. The younger generation has started to oversee traditional jobs and there is an increasing interest in self-employment. This change of mindset has created a necessity to transform the education system as well


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