gst 2.0
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Indian National Congress today released its manifesto for the General Election 2019. The party has drafted a 14-pointer proposal for Goods and Service Tax called GST 2.0 and promises to implement if it comes to power. Congress has earlier referred to the existing GST as Gabbar Singh Tax in the past.

Party president Rahul Gandhi released the manifesto which proposed one slab for all goods and services while exempting tax on foods, lifesaving drugs and other essentials. Currently, GST has four rate slabs. The manifesto has not defined the exact slab that it intends to bring in when it comes to power.

According to the Twitter handle of the Telangana Congress, the GST would be capped at 18%. However, Salman Soz, a Congress spokesperson and member of its professional committee commented that the GST rate will be decided when the party comes to power and the manifesto has not clarified the exact GST rate.

Criticizing the one slab promise by Congress, Union Minister Arun Jaitley said that the proposal has been drafted out of sheer ignorance.

He said, “Singapore has one GST rate of 7%, as there is no one below the poverty line. I had even asked the prime minister of Singapore that do they imposed the same GST on rice as well as on Mercedez? The Prime Minister said yes. In India, it is impossible. Imagine, having the same GST on food and clothes that BPL (Below poverty line) people buy and others buying AC!”

Congress also added in its manifesto that the existing e-way bill will be replaced by the risk management system and intelligent mechanisms. It will be more transparent compared to the existing policy.


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