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The interest in facial fitness and grooming is exploding worldwide in the men’s beauty industry as influencers like Brett Maverick and Roma Acorn have developed an interest in facial development.

Founded by Dmitrii Vasiukov and Reinis Bekeris, CHISELL is an action-oriented beauty brand for men. As the leader in the jawline development industry, the company is breaking beliefs about the natural development of the jawline.

Efficiency, style, and ease of use make CHISELL the desired tool for men’s facial features development. A true engineering marvel, CHISELL’s tool is used by thousands of people in 120 countries around the world.

Dmitrii, a self-development addict, found out about jawline training from a Youtube video. He was very skeptical of this concept at the beginning because the idea of a human controlling his facial attractiveness seemed much like science fiction than reality.

CHISELL jaw muscle exercise tool
CHISELL jaw muscle exercise tool

Nevertheless, he tried the training process himself and set about chewing on pieces of stretchable string. When his jaw began to get sore, he realized that it was a muscle that could be trained just like any other muscle in the body.

Dmitrii created a chewing exercise routine for himself for a few weeks and stuck to it. What he found at the end was enough to amaze him as his jaw muscles had increased in size visually.

After nine months of these workouts, he developed a chiseled jawline and decided to approach his friend Reinis Bekeris about starting a company to help others get a chiseled jawline. Reinis was surprised with the results and joined Dmitrii as co-founder, and CHISELL was born.

CHISELL Regular Bite jawline exercise tool
CHISELL Regular Bite jawline exercise tool

CHISELL’s main goal is to break the widely held notion that facial attractiveness is determined purely by genetics. The company strives to enable its customers to enhance their facial looks with the help of their innovative products. In shorts, the startup aims to make a chiseled jawline accessible to anyone who wants it.

One of the biggest challenges startups like CHISELL face is staying up to date with the latest research and constantly improve their performance. The company constantly experiments and is not afraid to think out of the box. As a front-runner of the jawline development industry, CHISELL is learning fast from its mistakes.

To make sure that its chew exercise product brings maximum results, the company is in constant contact with dental field specialists to create an anatomic wonder. As a result of their research-oriented development, they’ve introduced 3 different product resistances: Light Bite, Regular Bite, and Tough Bite.

CHISELL Light Bite jawline exercise tool
CHISELL Light Bite jawline exercise tool

CHISELL wants to maintain transparency with their methods and to make sure about the same, the company is releasing the results of the survey paper they did in cooperation with orthodontists on CHISELL’s potential effect on teeth, temporomandibular joints, and skull structure. This is the first survey paper done in the jawline development industry that puts CHISELL ahead of other companies.

To produce the paper, the company interviewed 30 specialists in the dentist industry from 12 different countries, such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Switzerland. The survey explains how its jawline tool increases the masseter muscle in size that leads to a more pronounced jawline.

The paper answers many vital questions on CHISELL’s usage and effect on overall body integrity. The specialists they spoke to recommend workout with CHISELL 2-3 times a week for around 10-15 minutes for optimum results.

CHISELL is also engaging with the mewing community of facial reconstructionists to promote correct tongue postures and breathing habits. The collaborative efforts will help deliver the most precise message about safer natural facial transformation.

Dmitrii says, “You can train your jawline like any other muscle in the human body. Training consistency, correct technique, and nutrition will result in a bigger muscle that will increase the contrast between your jaw and your neck which allows for a sharper shadow to be produced, resulting in a more highlighted jawline.”

CHISELL’s goal is to change the worldwide belief about natural facial transformation once and for all.

Reinis says, ” Surgery is expensive, and it may tamper with the natural look of your face, and can potentially cause nerve damage and joint pain. CHISELL gives you a chance to be the creator of your face, and with time and patience determine how sharp and strong your jaw will be.”

As a progressive research-oriented company, CHISELL is willing to support any further research related to its products and the jawline industry. CHISELL’s team will not rest until jawline training becomes widely accepted, and a chiseled jaw becomes a new worldwide standard, the company aims.



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