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Thursday, November 23, 2017
the cirqle

How Steven Lammertink and Daan Nederlof started The Cirqle – An Influencer Marketing Platform

Those old days are gone when people used to gather at a market place to buy everything what they wanted. Advent of internet has turned the entire world into a big...

Frangout Helps you Discover People and Make Plans for your next Hangout

These days a lot of B2C is based out of combinatorial ideas. A niche. Frangout's mission is to enable people to connect offline by providing a seamless mobile transition experience and...

An Incredible Story Behind YourStory, The Journey Of a Patna Girl

Between the point of starting up and becoming successful, there are long dark nights. Nights which test you to the extreme. Some fail, some quit while some conquer. If you fail,...
Hritesh Lohiya

Hritesh Lohiya Sold His Wife's Jewelry to Startup, Now Turning Over ₹90 Crores

Hritesh Lohiya, based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan runs Priti International. The venture manufactures handbags from old gunny bags, cast off military tents, denim pants, etc. And the startup is also into producing furniture from...
Coolie's Son Built a ₹100 Crore Company

How a Coolie's Son Built a ₹100 Crore Company with Just ₹25,000

Let's dive into the story of this 42-year-old man. He is the son of a coolie from a remote village in Wayanad, Kerela. And yes! his mother never went to school....
Mu Sigma

This Company Called Mu Sigma Holds the Distinction of Securing the Largest Funding Round

Mu Sigma, a business analytics company is named after the symbols of the mean (Mu) and standard deviation (Sigma). And that suits its nature. Afterall analytics is all about calculations and logic....
Rachna Bagde

20-year-old M.Tech Girl Develops Unique VR Product using Gesture Technology

Who want to wear those hefty headsets when you can get a virtual tour of your favorite hotel suites with hand gestures. In this story, I will be writing about a...

Zishaan Hayath Is Exploring the $100 Billion Education Industry through his Venture

The Indian education market is expected to almost double to $180 billion by 2020, buoyed by the rapid expansion of the digital learning market and the world’s largest population in the...
glowvita featured

This Delhi Boy with an Iranian Girl Started his Venture Named GlowVita In London

The on-demand beauty and wellness industry is growing with its full potential. Although the markets have been quite competitive for a long time, still there is huge potential. If we talk...

Young Entrepreneur from Bihar Hamraj Kumar is here with his Venture Doctook – a...

According to IBEF, Healthcare industry is growing at a tremendous pace owing to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by the public as well private players. During 2008-20, the market is expected...

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