What Products Should You Sell For Maximum Revenue

Starting your first business is never easy. There are many things to consider, and one of them is finding the right products to sell to maximize revenue. Unfortunately, looking for the perfect product line for your startup business can be a challenging experience. Without proper planning and research, you might not be able to create the best combination of products that can make your business successful.

To help you with the process, this article will share some product ideas that can maximize revenue.

Natural Hair Products

Cosmetics and personal care are one of the biggest industries in the market. With more people wanting to look and feel good about themselves without deviating from a natural lifestyle, selling natural hair products can be a viable idea. These products might include shampoos, conditioners, hydration oil, and many more.

The space for cosmetics and personal care is competitive. On the other hand, this fierce competition is an indicator that the market for these products is healthy, thereby allowing you to earn more profits. In addition to the competition, the sale of natural hair products can boost your business because the demand will continue to grow. Given the increasing number of celebrities and other people who share their natural hairstyles online, these products can be a great niche in which to build a client base over time.

However, if you want to develop an entirely new product line for hair and other personal care items, hiring reliable cosmetic testing and formulation development services can help you with the process. They’ll be there to assist you in conducting toxicology assessments, competitor product analysis, impurity investigations, and many more to make sure the natural hair products you’re going to sell are tested and proven.

Portable Blenders

Many individuals are looking to stay fit and healthy in 2020 and in the coming years. Because of this, it can be an excellent idea to sell portable blenders in the market. Typically, a hand-held blender can be used to mix fruits, vegetables, and other foods to produce healthy juices. It can be an ideal product niche for your startup considering the increasing number of people in the fitness field.

Moreover, selling portable blenders comes with many benefits. Aside from their plentiful uses and increased efficiency, they are undeniably affordable, allowing your customers to buy them at reasonable prices.

Keto Powders

Again, people nowadays are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness goals. That’s why the Keto diet is trending in the market today. Ideally, the Keto diet isn’t a new concept for those individuals who want their nutrition to focus on zero carb and zero sugar foods. People who are into this diet are dedicated to their exercise routines. Hence, they always see the need to consume quality foods after their workouts.

Due to this increasing demand, selling Keto powders as part of your product line can be a great business decision. With several Keto enthusiasts worldwide, you’ll have a vast market to establish your client base and maximize revenue.

Cleaning Products

Generally, household cleaning products such as laundry detergents, dishwashing products, bleaches, and many others play an integral role in everyone’s day to day activities. Without these things, people might find it hard to maintain the sanitation of their homes. That’s why the market for these products is growing year after year.

As such, incorporating household cleaners into your product line can help your business generate more profits. Since most consumers follow sanitation standards, they’re willing to pay a higher price just to buy an effective cleaning product for their home uses.

Medical Devices

With the advent of modern innovations in the healthcare industry, many hospitals and other healthcare providers are seeking the best tools and procedures to improve patient care and treatment. Because of this goal, starting a business within this unique industry opens up a lot of business opportunities, including maximum revenue.

Thus, if you have a large amount of capital, and you know how the healthcare industry works, then selling medical devices as one of your products can help your business earn more profits. These devices might include X-ray machines, PET and CT scanners, medical lasers, infusion pumps, and many others.


Another profitable product to sell for your startup business is fertilizers. Typically, many farmers around the world utilize millions of tons of fertilizers on different crops such as wheat, corn, and many more. Also, fertilizers can be a stable business that will not fade for a long time.

Given the circumstances, adding fertilizers into your product line can be beneficial for your business. And since different kinds of crops can be considered a basic commodity, selling fertilizers can bring in more revenues in the long run.


If you want to make your startup business more successful, offering shapewear as one of your products can be an excellent idea. Ideally, shapewear is an undergarment that can help create a slimming look for the figure. And with the increasing number of women who are becoming conscious about their body profiles, it can be a trending product to sell these days.

Also, the inclusion of shapewear into your product line comes with great benefits, and one of them is the versatility it provides to your business. Due to its seamless design, colors, sizes, and styles, it can accommodate a variety of customers wearing clothing with different cuts. As such, you can have a good customer base with this kind of product line.

Reusable Bags

Due to environmental issues around the world, people are also becoming more concerned about the accumulation of plastics in oceans. This is one of the reasons why reusable bags can be a profitable product idea.

With more people searching for this product for a variety of reasons, you can build a relevant customer base by selling reusable bags as part of your product line.


In today’s modern world, the sale of trending products can grow your business. And while there are many more to choose from, the products listed above can be an excellent addition to your unique product line.

Therefore, if you want to start a business around a profitable niche, don’t hesitate to experiment with different things to find the perfect product trends and maximize your profits.If you also want to learn about the new product development check out this awesome guide from Tcgen.


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