Everybody loves to get discounts, unlike several other players the discounts which Bluebook gives is crystal clear means they don’t play hide & seek with the customers.

They give you genuine savings without any hidden terms. Doubtlessly, future has so much to share with Bluebook, they surely have a promising future ahead.

You can’t simply say no to discounts, of course, our neurons can’t accept it! All of us get excited when we hear the word discounts or slashed prices.

Kudos to those who bring such treat for the people. I must say that the Bluebook shot the dart right on point, yes the young brains took the point that people love discounts and played really smart. How they did that, discover the secrets about Bluebook, here

They borrowed the idea from the coupon books. Be assured, that was just their inspiration. They researched on that idea and came to the conclusion that India needs something like this, something that can give awesome discounts to people so, they gave life to Bluebook and innovated the offerings and after a thorough market research they designed a whole new product to meet the needs of Indian customers

Varun Kumar Akula is the Co-founder & CEO of the BlueBook. His core Focus at Bluebook – Hiring, Strategy, Finance and Expansion. Alok Medikepura Anil is the Co-founder & COO of BlueBook. His Core Focus at Bluebook – Digital marketing, Analytics, Product, Strategy & Operations. Reetika. G  is the  Co-founder & CMO of Bluebook. She is Responsible for marketing, customer and merchant acquisition

Bluebook fulfills the wish-list of Indian consumers who are looking for exclusive deals & discounts related to food, wellness, health, entertainment and leisure at popular outlets around them, and businesses wanting to grow through new customer acquisitions.

It happens a lot, when you go for a coupon thing you find the hidden terms and terms but yes with Bluebook the case is different, they prophetically follow their rule of “Genuine savings with no hidden terms & conditions”.

Bluebook started off as a discount voucher book which curated exclusive savings from 100 best brands in a city. Using their experience with an offline physical product and with a deep understanding of the consumer & merchant behavior, they have now gone completely online since launching The BlueBook mobile application in October last year.

For Business owners, they added tremendous value having made user acquisition and retention cheaper than ever before.

They have recently raised a first external round of Rs.50 Lakhs from Mr. Srinubabu Gadela (IAN member) a few months ago, as part of a bigger seed round.

Funds are continuing to be used to strengthen the back-end technology, expand to other cities in India and to spread the reach in the existing cities.

“A good pitch requires confidence, a tried and tested product that speaks for itself and a strong team that has excellent execution capabilities. We are lucky to have strong support from an experienced mentor like Mr.Venkat Raju (Managing Director – Kyron India)”, says Alok.

They believe that one can’t do the market research unless getting into customer’s shoes. They worked closely with Food critics,  food bloggers, restaurateurs and understand the local needs and eating out preferences of the residents of the city before signing on merchants. They analyzed all then played on strategies

Merchant acquisition – Their team sits down to decide what kind of offers/discounts would suit a particular outlet based on previous customer feedback. These are in turn shared with the merchants for their inputs.

Customer acquisition – They focus on both B2B and B2C channels. B2C is a new challenge for them every day. Reaching out to the customer is much easier with the growth of the internet and mobile phones but heavy competition has made it expensive to get their attention when it is much needed.

They are the team of passionate individuals, their work speaks for themselves. “Our work speaks for itself. We have been able to attract top talent from within our friend circles and we will continue to grow as one strong family with the common goal of creating a PAN India Deals company that people truly appreciate”, says Alok.

Usually, the family pressure is a major hurdle for people but in their case, their family was supportive enough. The biggest challenges they have overcome are of working under the constrained budget, keeping the employees moral up and boosting it and the other was building a brand in highly competitive market

Their biggest achievement so far has been capturing large customer market share and on boarding the top merchants in cities they are present in. They have built up a database of loyal users and  approx. 50% of their current redemptions come from repeat users and this is pure because of the tremendous saving value they see in the Bluebook exclusive deals, as well as the ease of redemption.

They have a subscription based model. BlueBook App subscribers pay a subscription fee to get access to the exclusive deals they have to offer on their portal. Subscription packages start from Rs.99 a month, up until Rs.399 a year.

They have partnered with Freecharge, HelpChat, and some other non-competing PAN India consumer mobile application brands. There is a WIN-WIN model and tremendous potential to create value for both parties in each of the associations. They are already doing their groundwork and will be launching in new cities soon.


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