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Have you ever thought – what you should mainly focus on while launching a startup?

Well, to be precise it’s research. You should tap every resource to know about every ins and outs of your business.

You need to work on a lot of factors from securing funding in different stages to marketing your business. To be honest there are many resources available online but exploring a valuable site is tedious and difficult.

That’s why I have put together a list of 20 educational resources according to their categories that will play an important role in your startup.

Business Planning

1Crafting Your Business Model

Strategyzer provides a downloadable worksheet called a business model canvas. This would act as a roadmap to implement your business idea.

You can even track various risks and progress associated with your project.

The site also provides different online courses about value propositions and business models.

2Developing Business Plan

While starting your business you need a business plan. Bplans helps in developing a business plan that you need to start your business.

On Bplans, you can scroll through free ebooks, templates, and articles that will pave your way on how to plan and start your business.

3Operations Management

Designing an operational strategy is important once you plan your business.

With this free course on operations management, you can learn to track inventory, how to be efficient, and manage the quality of your services and products.

This online course is provided by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. 

4Founders Workbench

Founders Workbench provides many tools such as document driver, deal dictionary, capital calculator, and founders finders.

The founder’s toolbox helps your startup to progress easily in terms of finance, operations, and hiring processes.

Product Development

5Patent and Trademark Office

Now you have the business idea but you are still daunting about how to protect your startup with a patent.

So, before you launch you can file all the necessary paperwork through USPTO. Also, if your business involves writing, art, or digital media then you can use copyright and protect your work.

6Edison Nation

Edison Nation will help you in product development and getting it into the stores. With their go-to-market solution, they help in licensing too.

You just have to submit your idea to scale up your business for success.



Meetup is a useful resource that helps in exploring and expanding your network. It helps you to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs wherein you can share your ideas with them.

Meetups are a group of people that get together in a local area to share their interests and deepen their technical knowledge.


As an entrepreneur, you might face disasters and economic downturns. So, necessary training and resources are essential to overcome these challenges.

The score is a platform that is fostering education and mentorship for small business owners. Their mentors are available remotely through email, phone calls, and video networks.


9Pre-Screening Assessment

As a founder, it is always a nerve-wracking task to get down to funding. It becomes necessary to undergo a pre-screening assessment to test the feasibility of your business idea.

Through these assessments, you can learn about various risks associated to improve your seed funding chances.


Paychex is a portal that helps small businesses to take loans. With just one application you simply enter your business information online with all necessary documentation.

Then you will get the best funding options available according to your specifications. This capital can be used to cover your expenses, invest in other businesses, or work on growth.

11Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

This is a course offered by the Stanford center for professional development. The online classes will help you to navigate the process of funding, scaling, and managing a new enterprise.

You will get guest lectures and mentorship from experienced venture capital investors from silicon valley. The course will cover market strategy, company culture, customer value, and hyper-growth achievement.

Tax Management

12Self Employed and Small Business Tax Centre

While running a business you will have to manage and pay your taxes on time. With this tax center, you can learn how to file taxes at various stages of your business.

They also provide an online learning portal wherein you can attend the events and webinars to know more about taxation for your business.

13Taxation For Business Entities

This program on managing tax is offered by the University of Illinois. You can enroll yourself free of cost to learn about internal revenue code, judicial opinions, operations, liquidation, and distribution.

So, this program facilitates you with technical tax knowledge with a variety of professional skills and attributes.

Marketing and Advertising


Mailchimp helps small businesses by bringing their audience data and marketing it through email marketing channels so that you can achieve your goals faster.

They have a resource section wherein you can learn about tutorials and marketing tips to upload your contact list and successfully start a campaign to send emails.


As an entrepreneur, you will have to manage your social media for your business. Hootsuite can manage all your posts and sites from one location.

With Hootsuite Academy, you can undergo some courses and certifications to manage social media. You can also attend webinars, read case studies, and blogs to enhance your knowledge.

Startup Books

16The Lean Startup

The lean startup book is a useful resource for entrepreneurs who want to implement innovation in their startup with new technology and products.

This book is written by Eric Ries that provides advice to founders on how to start and run their business smoothly.

17The Art of the start

This book covers a wide variety of topics for small-business owners such as fundraising, branding, innovating, and recruiting.

The book is written by Guy Kawasaki explains the different strategies that are needed in the business world to succeed.

18The Art of the pitch

The art of the pitch is written by Peter Coughter that explains the tools he designed for marketing and advertising professionals.

These are necessary for persuasive presentations to succeed in a business. So, you will learn to pitch your ideas to partners, lenders, and investors.

Website Assistance


You will need a website if you are running a business. You can learn how to create your website through Wix even without any coding experience.

You will find here some educational articles that will help to know what your website should have. Besides after learning you can use the same portal to design your website.


So, you have the products ready but you are still confused about where to sell them? So, you can set up your online store by using Shopify.

Here you can learn and create your website, add some shopping cart features. You can also go through their blogs to boost up your marketing and sales.

Wrapping Up

Young and aspiring entrepreneurs are mostly concerned about the risks associated with starting a business.

It is a lot difficult to switch from an employee to an employer. There are many entrepreneur statistics involved before starting something new.

However, with the proper understanding and implementation of these 20 knowledgeable resources, you can choose the right path to grow your business from scratch to a multi-million dollar venture.


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