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Most of the identification methods used in India for security systems are outdated or somehow not up to the requirements. Iris recognition technology has higher success rate and low error probability as compared to other methods like the fingerprint, voice, and facial recognition.

From Government of India (Aadhar Card) to defense and from airports, police stations, and railway stations to private entities like shopping malls, logistics, and retail, the Iris recognition technology has a thumping market ahead.

To the scientific side of the technology, no human being can practically possess the same Iris pattern just like in the case of fingerprints. The advantage of the same is a major difference in FRR (False Recognition Ratio) which is much accurate (1:1500000) as compared to fingerprints (1:10000). The data simply means that the possibility of error in Iris recognition is 1 out of 15,00,000 scans.

With the introduction of Aadhar, India became the first country to hold a scalable database of biometrics. The adoption of the technology is on its high in the country. With the same vision, Tamaal Roy started Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a technology startup which became the first Indian company to develop the Iris recognition technology.

Biomatiques provides the benefits of “Who You Are” (Iris – no faux authentication) against “What You Have” (Cards, Badges, Keys – Lost or stolen, Shared, Can be duplicated, Buddy Punching) and “What You Know” (Can be forgotten, shared, many passwords are easy to guess, buddy punching).

The tech startup, based in Surat, surpasses a manufacturing capacity of 2 lakhs units every year. Dedicated to delivering more tailored products to meet customer requirements, the company  will encash the same by bringing the state-of-art-technology with total flexibility of user-friendliness to meet the challenges.

Mr. Tamaal Roy is the CEO of Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with an engineering degree in Textile Technology. The number of bio-based startups is significantly low in numbers, but the existing are enough to make the country proud.

In the year 1985, Tamaal became a self-learned computer professional at a time when professional courses in computer science were not available. He then ventured into the new emerging Information Technological field.

With more than 3 decades of experience, his major contributions include innovative software’s like ‘Master Drape’, ‘Master Weave’, ‘Jacquard Pro’ and ‘Tex Cad’ for the textile industries and ‘Jewel Pro’ for the jewelry and diamond industries. Also, an embedded device called ‘Looms Computer’ was part of his significant offerings to the local Textile Industry.

He then forayed into the national market through his unique offering of a software called “Pehchan Pro”for Face Portrait Building which till date remains the only Identity Kit Software Certified by “Bureau of Police Research and Development” and the“Central Bureau of Investigation” (CBI). It is used all over the country by the police department to prepare sketches of the accused criminals on witness accounts.

In 2012, Mr. Roy started Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt Limited with the motive to manufacture the FIRST INDIGENOUS IRIS SCANNER. It is notable to highlight the fact that this is only the Thirteenth Company worldwide to have a patented iris recognition product in the market and the first Indian company to step in the market.

At 49, Mr. Roy is very actively involved in the IT and biometrics domain. He believes in the mantra that “There are no shortcuts to success. Success is the outcome of hard work, patience and dedication”.

“In terms of price, Biomatiques offers the technology at a cost effective rate compared to other companies. The actual market price is ₹9,999. However, we are offering it at a promotional price of ₹4,500 only” says Tamaal.

Other companies, on the other hand, won’t be selling their products for anything less than ₹15,000. Moreover, manufacturers from overseas only have their vendors in India who lack knowledge about the product in terms of integration or providing technical support for that matter.

While Biomatiques has their own R&D and support team, hence reaching out for integration or technical support is much easier. In short, you are getting a product which is 3 times lesser the price and you also get an end to end solution with local maintenance and support.

IRIS recognition technology holds the highest CAGR due to highest accuracy levels. A study by Ernst & Young says that the Indian biometric market will grow to 748 million USD before 2018.

Compounded annual growth for the biometric market will be somewhere around 27 % globally 47% for India and that’s pure because the Indian government has adapted to the biometric modality.

A study by Gartner says by 2020, new biometric methods will displace passwords and fingerprints for access to endpoint devices across 80% of the market.


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