What do we know about the Binomo trading platform in India?

All over the world, trading online has impacted the dynamics enormously, including India. Investments and trading online, and getting additional income through them is the recent and fastest-growing trend. Of course, there are countless platforms that offer their service in this field. The issue with trading online is to find the most suitable and safe one. In this article, we are going to deal with this issue and review Binomo. Actually, going to recommend it too afterward. But what is Binomo trading? Let’s find out.

Binomo: an overview of the features of using the website and app 1

What is a Binomo website and App?

Binomo is an online trading platform that offers a secure and convenient service through its website and app, in Hindi and many others. The platform has been servicing legally since 2014, and the income through it is based on the changes in the exchange rate of currencies and other assets. It was founded by the Dolphin Corp, and since then it has been experienced as a secure service that offers its users access to the technology of trading online through its app and website.

Binomo has been making its exceptional stand among many platforms thanks to its convenient website and app. Including Hindi, its service comes in 15 languages, which shows the diversity of its usage. The website and the app are experienced through a real user-friendly interface and thanks to this, the number of its users is growing rapidly all over.

Where to download the application and why?

It doesn’t have any differences from any other app downloading process. If it is an iOS device that you have, the Binomo app is in your reach through the App Store. For the ones who have Android devices; Google Play should be your destination. In case of any problem with that, there is also a Binomo apk for Android users only (https://binomo.com/en/promo/android).

If it comes to why all the opportunities that Binomo offers should not be stuck on a desktop only. For the ones who would also like to invest and trade from a device that can be carried along the Binomo app is the perfect solution. For any experience far from home Binomo’s app is the way to your trades.

Why is Binomo reliable?

With the online trading platforms, there is a question that comes inevitably: “How can I trust it?” Well, Binomo is not having a hard time while answering this kind of question thanks to a number of aspects.

Binomo serves throughout the world in completely legal ways. This was also assured by The Financial Commission. The Commission follows the user for the rights they have while they are trading online on the platforms like Binomo, by embodying experts, and it certified the platform for its trustworthy service.

There is also Verify My Trade certificate, which states Binomo’s credibility as a trading platform, stands as evidence on this issue. 5,000 trades are checked on Binomo every month for correctness and fraud.

A couple of awards that serve as an indicator of Binomo’s secure service was given to the platform: IAIR Award was given to the platform in 2016, stating itself as “a global prize for excellences in global finance and global economy”. In 2015, the FE Award was also given to Binomo. We count on these and their assurance while we are recommending the platform for trading on it.

Registration and Login

As mentioned, registering, and using it afterward is easy on Binomo. After going into the website of the platform, there is a yellow button you will see, which says “Sign In”.

  1. Click that button, use a Gmail or Facebook account that is yours or just an email to register.
  2. When this is done, set a secure password as a first step.
  3. Choose the currency you prefer, and read and accept the Client Agreements as the last step.

Your account will be all ready to use once you activate it through the link that Binomo sent.

Account types

Binomo: an overview of the features of using the website and app 2

After registration, each trader gets access to a Demo account. It was designed solely to learn to trade; with virtual $1000 funded by Binomo, education for starters, and demonstration of how the platform works provided through this. The Daily Free tournament is also available for demo account holders.

Another type is the Standard account. This one is standing as an entrance account also, with 40+ assets to trade. Standard account is opened after a customer brings in a minimum deposit of $5 (for India). Account holders can also participate in paid and free tournaments. Entering price for paid tournaments may vary.

There is also a Gold account. It offers 50+ assets that users can trade, also it has other advantages; after a cumulative deposit of  $500, like trade insurance, up to 5% cashback for unproductive weeks, up to 150% bonuses to deposit and a personal account manager.

The last, but not the least account type is the VIP account. This one comes with a cumulative deposit of $1000. VIP fulfills the needs of the users through 60+ assets to trade, this time up to 10% cashback for those unproductive weeks, insurance, a personal manager, up to 200% bonuses to deposit and access to VIP Binomo tournaments. Besides these, risk-free trade is another opportunity that the platform offers.

So, you can give one of them the chance according to your goals.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Once you have decided to get into the trading world of Binomo, deposits and withdrawing the fund you have made through correctly forecasts is possible with many e-wallet or bank cards. To security reasons all the withdrawals are possible only to the same payment method that was used to deposit.

It is also worth considering the withdrawal time which depends on the status of your account and the payment system used. So, the withdrawal time from Binomo ranges from 4 hours to 3 days, and sometimes even more (depending on the preferred payment method).

How to use Binomo?

Using Binomo, as stated earlier, is an exceptional experience with the user-friendly interface with the opportunities that the platform offers. For any kind of questions you might have, there is a section named “Help Center” in which you can find the answers.

Another section is “Strategies” which includes methods that conclude verified successful trades for users. Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Besides these, users also are able to experience the tournaments and get to vary the skills of trading. They are considered especially important to test learnings and see the progress of the education.

The main task of trading is to forecast the movement of the asset price (Up or Down). Just press the “Up” or “Down” button, depending on how you think the asset price will rise or fall at the set time. If your forecast is correct, the funds will immediately be reflected in your balance.

Education and Tutorials

For the ones who are getting started, Binomo offers its best for you to learn it through the most joyful and educative ways possible.

With the sections “Strategies”, you will be able to be aware of the ways of trading you did not know before. While trading on any asset, the methods will be justly useful. Also, the tournaments are great opportunities on aspects of testing the education and development of yours.

Besides these, as mentioned above, Demo Accounts offer a great opportunity on how to learn to trade on Binomo. And, if you ask us; the best learning process is through doing what you try to learn. So, why not go with it?


With all these notions and aspects considered, Binomo stands as a secure platform that its users are able to trade through user-friendly service. Although the advantageous opportunities that the platform offers, it’s always important to remember the risks on the trading, which is the fact of any platform; such as losing the deposit partly or totally. The risks are always there for traders, but if you are willing to take those inevitable aspects; Binomo is in your reach through the app and the website with a convenient and trustworthy service. We believe giving it a try is just worth it.



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