Twitter Goes Ballistic After Uber Prints Advertisements With Glaring Errors

In this fast-moving digital age, we’re constantly reminded of the benefits of online marketing tools and how they can help grow our businesses. But we often overlook the power of print marketing.

Traditional advertising such as in magazines, on billboards, and through direct postal mail is still relevant and effective today when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand.

Research shows that people are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in a printed format compared to digitally. So, with this in mind, we wanted to explore the different advantages of print marketing for independent businesses.

Print marketing is tangible

The beauty of printed marketing is that it provides you with real, tangible material that you can physically give to potential new customers. You can also design and personalize print work with your branding, making it striking and memorable to consumers.

From business cards to booklets, flyers to large roller banners, there are plenty of portable marketing materials you can share with potential new customers anytime, anywhere.

You can tap into the ‘halo effect’

Building a loyal customer base is something that local newspapers and magazines work exceptionally hard at. By choosing to take your ads to print with them, you can piggyback on the trust their audiences have for them.

These readers will then view your company positively simply through its association with a respected source. This is called the ‘halo effect’ and it can help bring in new, repeat customers.

Higher Engagement Rates

People who subscribe to local newspapers and magazines have consciously chosen to read them on regular basis. Therefore, any ads placed within these resources are certain to be seen by subscribers. It’s also worth mentioning that people reading newspapers and magazines tend to have a much longer attention span, as they have chosen to sit down to read these materials at their leisure.

Printed ads can also be seen in a clear and eye-catching way as a person progresses through the pages, pausing to absorb exactly what it is that your brand is advertising. Online ads are usually sandwiched between social media posts or in news articles while someone is scrolling on their mobile device, meaning they are often ignored.

Higher reach

Once you’ve seen an online ad, you don’t revisit it and it’s almost immediately forgotten as you continue to scroll through your device. Printed marketing materials can be passed around from person to person before being stored or discarded. This means you’re reaching more people with your advertisement, giving you a higher chance of generating new leads for your business.


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