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BASH Brand Bitcoin ATMs CEO Brannen Mehaffey is offering BASH Brand Bitcoin ATMs to business owners across the USA.

To have a BASH Brand Bitcoin ATM installed the individual or business owner will need to pay BASH ATM a startup of $10,000 to become a BASH Bitcoin ATM licensee. Once established with a contract and a machine in place, the new licensee and BASH Bitcoin ATMs will split profit 50/50.

BASH ATMs will handle services, repairs, and they will train each individual who goes into business with a BASH machine.

There is 24-hour customer support available on a toll-free phone number, so there will never be a time that users cannot get a hold of a human. All transactions will be available on the blockchain, so all parties will have access to the same data, for peace of mind.

When asked about the main benefits of becoming a BASH ATM host, Brannen Mehaffey explained, ​”There are many benefits to having us install a BASH Bitcoin ATM. The immediate benefit is that your business will be located by hundreds and possibly thousands of more individuals who will visit the location to buy and sell Bitcoin. Foot traffic like this brings revenue in big numbers. Also, those who have a Bitcoin purchasing option readily available may be seen as an authority in the crypto-community. Don’t forget, BASH machines are extremely strong, unlike other competitors. Safer cash storage is always a good thing. Bitcoin is a major part of the future, I believe this and so do millions of people all over the world. This is a chance to get into it with little to no experience.”

BASH Brand Bitcoin ATMs are physically theft-resistant and have even been seen in many locations doing a demonstration to show the machine’s strength.

In these events, the BASH Brand Bitcoin ATM machines are put to the test with the force of a sledgehammer to convey their physical durability.​


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