What is the future of Artificial Intelligence in 2019?


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Even in 2019, artificial intelligence will continue to be red hot. With every other tech company investing heavily in the AI technology, the segment is becoming competition heavy. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are working heavily towards the development of cool artificial intelligence technology.

However, AI is more than just business. The technology is getting easier day by day. Various open source algorithms are democratizing the technology. The tech giant Google has introduced its open source software Google TensorFlow that allows anyone to build on Google’s machine learning algorithms.

Several firms like Apple, NVIDIA and Tesla have also introduced AI specialized hardware which in turn has increased the AI performance by tens to hundreds and enabled the performance in smaller form factors.

What can be expected next year?

We can easily predict that AI and video will make voice the last frontier in business communications. We are already witnessing a rise in revenue-generating applications that combine the voice and artificial intelligence to improve human interactions and customer service.

In 2019, however, we are expected to witness some cool applications that will allow users to employ voice, video and AI altogether to capture and analyze content, interpret non-verbal cues and respond to user queries. Businesses are expected to shift their focus from text communication to face-to-face meetings with the use of advanced video and voice technologies.

In 2019, smart features provided by advanced AI technology will definitely improve meetings. Video meetings will surpass every other form of business communication. For example, features including voice-to-text transcription will allow business to take notes during a meeting automatically.

Very soon AI-based virtual assistants will be able to record tasks and set up meetings. Furthermore, voice recognition can identify who is participating in a meeting and also provide relevant background details about the concerned person.

Moreover, AI-driven facial recognition technology will be heavily used in video conferencing to provide insights into who is using the room and will also help IT staff to better plan the space allocation and usage. It is expected that huge jobs in the analytics and data segment will be created and more and more companies will have positions like Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer.

However, when a company is implementing AI, a bunch of decisions is mandatory for them to take. Some of them include the regulation of privacy, legal and ethical implications and more.

Artificial Intelligence has been witnessed demonstrating some unfavourable behaviour like unfairly denying individual loans, incorrectly identifying basic information and racial profiling. Human resources will be needed to train and supervise AI to ensure better performance and reduced harm.

There are experiments and developments going on to train AI to deal with real human problems including dilemmas, justice, accountability, responsibility and transparency.

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