arnab goswami is back

Between all the news encompassing the exit of Arnab Goswami from the channel Times Now, there have been anticipations of him starting his new venture. Proving the rumors to be facts, Arnab unofficially announced the launch of his venture called “Republic”.

Uttering to few media outlets like  The News Minute, The Quint, Arnab confirmed the name, nature, and a few other details about his independent news venture.

He aforementioned that it is an under progress independent news company set to launch probably before the pivotal Uttar Pradesh elections.

Arnab told The Quint, “My venture is called ‘Republic’; I seek the support of the people of India.”

November 1, 2016, witness Mr. Goswami quit from all the executive positions he held at the popular news channel Times Now and its sister company ET Now, namely Editor-in-Chief and President (News) of Times Now and ET Now.

In his farewell speeches to employees at Times Now that “Independent media is going to thrive. The game has just begun,” were his words to employees during his farewell speech at Times Now.

The dictations quickly went viral in which he had even teased that he is far from done with journalism and news, and has been planning his incursion into independent media.

He has said that his PR agency will make a formal announcement about the venture in a few weeks. As of now, sources close to him have revealed that the venture will primarily be based out of Mumbai, as reported by The News Minute.

As for Times Now, journalist Rahul Shivsankar, then editor of News X channel, was roped in by them to take Arnab’s chair.


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