Absolutdata, a leading data analytics firm, today announced the launch of the company’s game-changing artificial intelligence-driven decision engine: the NAVIK AI Platform. The NAVIK AI Platform combines data, analytics, and technology to optimize decisions on an ongoing basis without having to build a data science team.

The company also rolled out the NAVIK MarketingAI and NAVIK ConceptAI products, which join the NAVIK SalesAI solution released earlier. This growing product line is changing the way sales and marketing teams operate, delivering dramatic improvements in sales and marketing effectiveness.

“The NAVIK AI Platform develops an intelligent self-learning system that continuously learns from your unique business environment for better decision making,” said Dr. Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata. “Until now, sales and marketing technology has primarily focused on executing decisions that were already made. What makes the NAVIK AI Platform revolutionary is that it operates at a higher level to actually improve decision-making. Use cases with sales and marketing teams demonstrate that it is capable of delivering amazing results across industries.”

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Designed for non-technical marketing staff, NAVIK MarketingAI is powered by the NAVIK AI Platform, and hyper personalizes offers for maximum results. MarketingAI was used by a global hotel brand to solve the decades-old problem of “one and done” customers — guests who stay at a hotel once and never return.

A controlled AB test was conducted over an eight-week period. The campaigns that used MarketingAI experienced a 51% increase in revenue from opened emails, 31% more customer bookings and a two-fold increase in revenue from people who weren’t loyalty program members.

In another use case, a global industrial supplies leader that had experienced a multi-year, industrywide sales slump used NAVIK SalesAI to generate a weekly game plan for one group of salespeople while directing a peer group to proceed as usual.

With AI-based sales guidance on which accounts, contacts, and opportunities to pursue with specific products and messages, the company saw a 4% overall sales boost in just seven weeks. The SalesAI-guided team generated 2% more sales than the control group, a 2% increase in pipeline value and a 1:7 close rate for recommended products.

The NAVIK AI Platform also now powers NAVIK ConceptAI, an automated concept testing tool that allows brand managers, product managers, and researchers to conduct studies faster and more frequently with decisive Go/No Go results.

With step-by-step guidance, users can hone in on what messaging, packaging, features, even pricing the market will most likely embrace. AI-based benchmarks with self-learning capabilities dynamically adjust to business and market changes. ConceptAI includes a range of customized tests to fit unique business requirements.

The NAVIK AI Platform’s unique decision engineering methodology and human-machine model form the foundation. The platform includes an AI Design Lab with a machine learning library, self-learning model builder, and text mining lab.

Read – According to TCS Global Trend Study, AI to have Dramatic Impact on Business by 2020

At the heart is the Decision Engine with a prediction simulator, decision option generator and recommended bot that, together, find the actions most likely to yield value and results. The platform automates data integration and harmonization from multiple sources including existing CRM and marketing automation systems.

NAVIK MarketingAI and NAVIK ConceptAI, formerly called NAVIK Converter and NAVIK Concept Test respectively, are now available. The upgraded machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities are free to current customers.

Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI Platform release is especially timely given the persistent worldwide shortage of data scientists, which has hampered companies’ attempts to fully embrace the possibilities of AI-enabled sales, marketing, and brand management.

Absolutdata’s Data Science Center of Excellence is a key source of the company’s ever-expanding expertise, which clients’ can leverage by working with Absolutdata.

Source – BWI