Advanced Learning Technology Market
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According to a new whitepaper from Metaari called “The Worldwide 2020-2025 Advanced Learning Technology Market“, revenues for seven advanced learning technologies combined reached $42.6 billion in 2020 and will surge to $129.7 billion by 2025. The revenues are heavily concentrated in North America, the Asia Pacific, and Western Europe throughout the forecast period.

Mobile Learning will generate the highest revenues throughout the forecast period. This is being driven by the rollout of blindingly-fast 5G networks and the massive demand in mobile-only regions like Africa. Just under a third of all advanced learning technology revenues will come from the sales of Mobile Learning products by 2025.

The sales of Game-based Learning will generate $28.8 billion by 2025, the second-largest revenues, followed by Mixed Reality (AR and VR combined) Learning at $22.4 billion. Educational Bots (both physical and virtual) have the highest growth rate at 44.6% followed by AI-based Learning at 41.9%.

Metaari’s Advanced Learning Technology Research Taxonomy includes seven technologies: AI-based Learning, Mixed Reality (AR and VR) Learning, Game-based Learning, Cognitive Learning, Mobile Learning, Location-based Learning (Location Intelligence), and Educational Bots (both physical and virtual).

“North America is the largest buying region throughout the forecast period being driven by the enormous demand in the US,” reports Sam S. Adkins, Chief Researcher at Metaari and author of the whitepaper. “The Asia Pacific region is the second-largest buying segment despite the weakness in the Chinese market. The growth in Asia is now being driven by strong demand in India and several Southeast Asian countries particularly Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar (Burma).”

Metaari (formerly Ambient Insight) is an ethics-based quantitative market research firm that identifies revenue opportunities for advanced learning technology suppliers and tracks the learning technology markets in 126 countries.

“Consumers are the top buying segment by a wide margin,” comments Adkins. “There is a nearly insatiable demand for mobile learning apps and games in the consumer segments across the planet. Consumers are avid buyers of early childhood learning games, language learning apps, astronomy apps, and brain training games. Test prep apps are in high demand in so-called ‘exam cultures’ like India, China, South Korea, and Japan.”

Claiming to have the most complete view of the international learning technology market in the industry, Metaari focusses solely on advanced learning technology research on products that utilize psychometrics, neuroscience, location intelligence, game mechanics, robotics, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.


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