I bet that you don’t even remember being a 3-year old i your lives. Even I don’t. But, everyone is not like me and you. There are some special brains in this world. Ryan Hickman, a 7-year-old kid from California has broken all the stereotypes, and is successfully managing his own company. Yes! this is true.

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In 2012, Ryan worked along with his father and recycled small containers of cans and bottles to the local recycling hub. He was 3-years-old then. Pretty soon, he decided to come up with his new company and choose “recycling” as his single motto of life. After returning from recycling hub he expressed his views to his parents saying that he needs to provide synthetic packets to all next door neighbors.

ryan hickman

Possibly, this would help him to garner huge amount of recyclable waste. The local neighbors proved to be very supportive to Ryan, and not only kept the recyclables for him but also asked their friends and relatives to help our Ryan as well as the environment. Ryan now serves customers all over Orange Country and works hard to keep environment clean and fresh to give us a better lifestyle.

He is now recognized by many non-profit organizations like The Mayor and City Council of San Juan CapistranoDaughters of the American Revolution, and from RePlanetRecently, Ryan has been a trending topic on the internet for his work and is getting huge support and motivation from people around the world.

He also has given interview to channels like CNN, FOX News, CNBC, and also been featured on hundreds of radio stations around the world. The most exciting moment for Ryan was when he appeared on  Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also appeared on Voice of America. At Ellen’s show he had a quite meaningful conversation with the host.

He discussed on topics like how it feels to run a business being a kid as well as environmental conversation and animal rights. Ryan has also got a shout out from Chelsea Clinton and Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr on Twitter. Ryan says, “People ask my parents all the time- what sort of things that Ryan recycles.” His parents always reply “plastic and glass beverage bottles as well as aluminum cans.”

Ryan is the president of his own company called Ryan Recycling Company and in a very short span of time he has recycled about 200,000 bottles which earned him a wholesum of $21,000. While his parents has advised him to save the money for his college, he is in a mood to buy a garbage truck out of his profits.

ryan hickman

If this story doesn’t inspires you, nothing other can help you out. Share the word with your entrepreneur colleagues and help them feel motivated. If a 7-year-old can do such things, why a college graduate is fearful about starting on his own. Help us make a digital India.  #StartupIndia.

“Starting your own business isn’t that hard. What I’m doing keep bottles and cans out of the ocean that helps the environment.”- Ryan Hickman.