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Any new online shop is often blank. Customers or visitors do not have any idea yet about your shop. They haven’t had time to know about services and products. If you desire abrupt store sales and traffic, you’re likely to need to advertise.

There are great ways where you can spend time developing and promoting your new online shop.

Attract Shoppers, Retain Loyal Ones

In attracting shoppers and retaining loyal buyers, seven ways to promote your online store like a professional. These tactics cover how customers experience the elements of your online store to enlighten how each feature should be constructed to drive up sales. You can try Limo Marketer if you want to generate more leads and automate your marketing.

1. Produce High-Quality Contents


A blog is more than an excellent method to establish yourself as a leader in your trade. It’s also a subsidiary technique to assist in promoting your online shop. Start including one relevant link back to your store in your blog posts. Make sure that each blog is helpful and informative.


If you desire your store to stand out, provide free content to possible clients. Apart from blogging, give away in-depth and valuable content pieces like courses and eBooks. Once you’ve published it, promote the content profoundly on social media.

2. Pay-per-click Ads

Google Ads

With the innovation of Google Ads, you can click here and put your advertisement on the Google search results or even on various websites that use Google AdSense. This type of campaign can be vastly targeted since they are grounded on the keywords that individuals use in the Google search box. Here, you get to pay for clicks on your ads, which makes them cost-effective.

Facebook Ads and Strategically Targeted Landing Pages

While not free, Facebook ads deliver an excellent chance for attaining the right features for your online store. Given that you know your client well, you can utilize metrics like age, interests, status, and location to locate possible customers. Through this process, you can send them to strategically targeted landing pages, or what we know as the squeeze pages.

3. Social Media Advertising

Social media networks can turn as a golden passage for your online store to get targeted customers. Now, the big question is, where will you devote your effort? How will you target your audience or customers?


Facebook is great in telling stories and seeding fun and quirky contents, which gets liked and shared by people and influence essential marketing techniques.


For beating into the recent trends and reaching out to a vigorously involved audience, Twitter scores hugely.

Pinterest and Instagram

For a name with highly visual and premium products like decors, design, and fashion, Pinterest and Instagram provide an improved platform for engaging users with visually spectacular images.

4. Create an Application

Android and Apple App Stores

Mobile marketing is now on the rise. It is something you cannot disregard. With that, having a mobile-friendly website is a must, but it’s also vital to have a presence in the Android and Apple markets. If done correctly, mobile apps are the best way to elevate brand consciousness.

5. Utilize your Store’s URL

Include in your Email Signature

This technique is an easy and fast one. Notwithstanding the email provider you use, you must have a custom email signature that contains the URL to your online store.

Print on all Marketing Materials

From flyers to business cards and everything in between, the URL to your store needs to be encompassed wherever you market your business. Never leave home without something that you can reach out to potential buyers.

6. Develop Relationships

Email Marketing

If you’re a business owner, you should engage in email marketing. However, it’s no easy feat. You can thrive with email marketing by giving something away for free in exchange for the customer’s email address. It can’t just be anything; it needs to be something of worth.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to quickly connect with other people in your niche or industry to help in reaching out. They are also a great way to contact people who you might not have any mutual connections with. Share updates in the group and make sure to stay in the spotlight without oversharing.

7. Personalize Everything

Optimize Product Names

Creativity and imagination have its place. That place, however, is not in your product names. You need to be specific with your product names, or the clients won’t be able to find your product.

Optimize Photos

Give your photos great names so that search engines can discover your store. By doing this, it can help you reach out to more customers who are looking for products like yours.

Optimize Website

Optimization of your site is a vital facet in marketing your business online. Your goal is to build exceptional content while ensuring that your site’s on-page and off-page SEO are optimized.


An online store alone is not sufficient to make sales.

Whether you have a small shop or a large online clothing store that gets millions in revenue, getting your eCommerce marketing strategy right is going to be critical to your online success.


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