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If you run a construction company, you should already be aware of how important keeping your site secure in an efficient manner is. If not, then you’re making a big mistake. Your construction site should be your responsibility, so it’s important that you keep it secure at all times – even when nobody is working on site. If you’d like a bit more advice about how to keep your site secure at all times, this article is for you.

Secure the site at night

One of the biggest risks for a busy construction site isn’t actually when it’s busy at all. There’s more risk from intruders, theft and vandalism at night when your workers aren’t on site. So you need to make it your priority to secure your site efficiently, especially when there’s nobody doing any work there. Install a perimeter fence and make all entry gets are secured. Have one of your senior members of staff look after the keys and be the first on-site to open up if you can’t get there early enough.

Install CCTV

CCTV or other surveillance equipment will be able to help you keep things secure at night and ensure efficient safety during working hours. You can check to make sure your staff are working to the right level at all times, as well as warn off any potential intruders. Often, just seeing an installed CCTV system can be enough to prevent small-scale theft.

Perform background checks

If you use casual manual laborers or other contractors to perform tasks on your site, make sure you carry out full and detailed background checks before letting them work on your constructions.

Lock-up expensive equipment

Expensive equipment should be kept off-site or locked up at all times when it’s not being used – especially at night. Some construction tools can be expensive and therefore appealing to thieves. Make sure all your equipment is locked up. From hammers and other hand-tools to construction machinery – everything should be kept secure at night. You could consider short-term warehousing to make sure all your heavy machinery is safe when it isn’t on-site.

Make sure all work is supervised

Don’t let employees work alone on your site. You want to make sure their health and safety is protected, as well as making sure any contractors or casual laborers are working as they should be.

Have breaks at the right times

You can’t expect people to work efficiently and safely if they aren’t allowed any breaks. However, it’s also important that your employees don’t take too many of these and use them as excuses not to do work

Install security lighting

Lighting can be a great way to make sure your site is even more secure at night. It can help prevent break-ins and also make your construction seem more professional. Not only that, but the right lighting could help you get work done on site in the evenings.

Hopefully, these tips are enough to get you working safely and securely in an efficient manner at all times on your busy construction site.


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