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Congratulations on the successful launch of your new business. You have taken giant strides to realize your dream of being your boss. However, there is always room for improvement, and one of the things you must do to become successful is to promote the image of your business. For your new business to grow, you need the best means and tools you can get, and one readily available tools/means you can use to enhance your business outlook is a VIDEO!

Why Use a Video?

A video is one of the most reliable tools that can accelerate the growth of a business. Think about it; you’re a fan of many movie stars today because you watch their video clips. The same goes for a new business. By using videoing, your business will be telling its own story, instead of you trying to do the conviction. Research suggests that by 2020, video contents will account for more than 80 per cent of the entire internet traffic. Now is the right time to start so you don’t get left behind in this ever ‘crazy’ world of technology.

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Alright, here are 7 ways you can use video to enhance and grow your new business.

Explainer Videos

These types of videos range from 60 to 90 seconds in length and are created to introduce your service or product to potential customers. An Explainer Video is a great tool you can use to hook and persuade your prospects to dig deeper into what you have to offer.

To make a useful Explainer Video, make sure it is simple, not focused on features but benefits. You can start with this structure:

Problem: pinpoint and share in the pain of your prospect;

Solution: introduce your product or services as a reliable solution to the pain point;

Workability: describe clearly how your solution works;

Call to action: round up with a firm and concise call to action on the next step to take.

Video Testimonials

Another video tool that helps drive trust while sharing a positive experience of happy customers is testimonials.

New businesses that combine factual testimonials with the engagement driving prowess of video often reap impressive results. The reason is down to the fact that video encourages a stronger connection with the viewer.

In that case, just make sure you have efficient and reliable methods of capturing testimonials. One of the most precise and quick ways is to ask customers to use their mobile devices and shoot a short video in which they share their experience with your service or product. You may not even need to worry about how to edit and make them professional. Rough videos appear as genuine as they are, and they work just fine.


These are paid or free video workshop that takes place over the internet. They can be recorded, be held live or a combination of both. As a new business, it is essential that you teach prospects something about your product or service. The best way you can convince someone that your service or product can help him/her is by really helping him/her. That is precisely what webinars allow you to do.

You can use live webinars to communicate with your audience, and this will further drive the depth of connection and solidify the engagement. At the end of the webinar, you can then promote your product without sounding insisting.


After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine in the world. Although many videos are uploaded daily to YouTube, it is still very much less competitive compared to Google. Thus, this is an excellent loophole for a new business hungry for exposure. You can get that exposure through YouTube, and to even make it better, YouTube videos rank highly on Google. Therefore, you will benefit double from this provided you have done your keyword research right.

Live Streaming Videos

If you want to build instant trust, then go for a live streaming video. Live streaming videos are hitting their mark on Facebook and Periscope, both of which has taken it to another level. With live streaming videos, a small business can distinguish itself from the bigger players. When your prospect and customer base is small, compared to bigger players, you have the means to leverage better-personalised attention and improved engagement.

Develop a community, be in touch, care for their needs, and always include value. Growth will follow.

Video Introduction

There is no better way to convince someone other than putting a name and face on your brand! Majority of the people that go online for one or more service or products would instead relate with an actual person than to read through the entire body of contents. Of course, it is difficult to shake hands with the internet, but let the universe meet the people behind your products or services. Who designed your widget? Why are you making them? What do you aim to achieve in sharing them? People love watching and listening to good stories. Give them one!

Offer Video Instructions

Assuming your product is tech, don’t think everyone knows how to mount it or port files. A step-by-step, well edited, user-friendly product demonstration and instruction is invaluable to many people, including those who know what they are doing but wants a short cut.

When people can learn to use your service or product through video guidance, the more they will lean on your business for future dealings. Boom! You have gotten your growth!

Final thought

A video is a great tool to help grow your new business. You can start with any of the examples mentioned above and witness the growth you think will take decades to achieve happening right before your eyes in the shortest time possible. Just get up and try.


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