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Digital assistants are a big thing in the modern world. Assistants used to be exclusively for rich people – how else are you going to pay somebody a full-time wage to do the menial tasks which you don’t want to do?

Nowadays we have things like virtual assistants, assistant software, and automated programming. It’s easier than ever to make use of technology as an assistant, especially in fields like construction which can benefit hugely from modern technological advances. Of course, if you’re looking for actual equipment solutions, don’t forget to take a look at our featured equipment inventory.


This is a web-based program with mobile compatibility which is popular amongst construction firms already. It allows you to deal with almost any phase of the project, from planning onwards. The biggest plus for this program is how you can quickly and easily switch between different concepts and styles. Customization is also high up the list of features here, meaning you can modify almost anything and are almost never limited on your designs.

Vista by Viewpoint

Vista is an all-in-one piece of software. It combines the planning/design side with finances, organization/scheduling and can even keep track of applications and open correspondence. Being able to do all of this in one place is great, but the real icing on the cake here is that it integrates easily with most third-party software. This software is also extremely scalable, especially useful when you want to use one project as the basis for a larger one.

SAGE 300

Sage 300 is a popular and well-known construction program. It’s great for planning, design and estimating costs to start off. From there you can use it as an all-out management tool, tracking your accounts, documents and project progress from one hub.


Procore was launched in the early 2000s and is still going strong, thanks to how user-friendly it is plus plenty of reliability. The basis of this company is what keeps their product amongst the best in the field. They take customer feedback seriously and use it to design any updates or new features for their software. Their philosophy is to create easy-to-use functions which solve user issues, making their software some of the most relevant in this field.


ComputerEase is another program which combines planning, accounts and management features. This software has a lot of deep features which can be used to cover almost anything you’d need, though the depth and complexity of the software can mean it takes a little longer to learn.


Eclipse is a browser-based tool, making it easy to access from anywhere. This is a modular piece of software, so you only pay for the modules you need and add them on to the base software. This gives you a custom-designed software suite for your construction needs, so you don’t pay for anything that isn’t needed and also doesn’t need to complicate your software with those features either.


ShapeDo is very user-friendly and visually appealing. It has a bright, simple user interface which is quick to pick up. The software is mainly focused on the design & planning stages of construction and allows team input with changes being labelled and tracked for the benefit of other team members.


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