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The techniques employed in digital marketing change as technology evolves. In recent years, there has been increased integration of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technological advancements. More and more digital marketing certification courses are being launched by various institutions to meet industry requirements.

Businesses are forced to keep up with the aforementioned changes to remain competitive. Though technology is essential, human interactions are equally as important in the digital marketing campaign of a business. This is because humans are the intended targets of such promotions. Still, in the future, humans will play a key role in ensuring the prosperity of these marketing drives.

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Some of the digital marketing techniques likely to thrive next year include:

The Use of Algorithms

Initially, the primary purpose of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter was to enable communication between people. This is no longer the case. Nowadays, such platforms have algorithms embedded within them to collect vital data from users. Such information is often sold to corporate clients.

Algorithms have gained traction amongst marketers due to their ability to filter voluminous data effortlessly. Essentially, they provide their owner with the specific information they need. The information is then used to develop product and services that are likely to appeal to the prospective clients, in this case, social media users.

Mobile Apps

Most of the people who access the internet use their smartphones or other handheld devices. As a result, marketers have been shifting their online advertising campaigns from websites to mobile apps.

App-based advertising is expected to grow further in 2019 because mobile devices are getting more advanced features as the days go by. Also, websites are being designed in such a way that all desktop features are accessible from mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Naturally, human beings are not comfortable with handling repetitive tasks that involve large figures and numerous calculations. On the other hand, AI-based expert systems thrive in this regard.

In 2019, more corporations are expected to incorporate AI to assist with the increasing volume of marketing data. So far, AI has proven that it can significantly aid in niche market optimization. Also, chatbots controlled by AI systems can replace humans by handling simple queries posted by clients.

Before implanting AI, it is necessary to evaluate its usefulness to your business. Can it solve a problem? If not, it should be avoided because it would lead to a waste of resources. Conversely, if it can improve the efficiency of operations, such as data mining, you should not hesitate to integrate it.

One novel implementation of AI is neuromarketing. It involves scanning the brain for its response when a user interacts with the goods and services that are being marketed. The scan is analyzed to reveal the neurologic perception of the item by the user. Read more on neuromarketing here.

Voice Searching

According to statistics, the internet is moving into a period where most users will use their voice to search for information online. This means that your businesses should make provisions for the integration of voice searching in the future.

The most obvious advantage of voice searching is precision. The results from such searches usually include content from highly-ranked authority sites. Also, voice searches have a tendency of favoring local results.

Video Marketing

Though video marketing has been in existence for long, developers are continuously improving their techniques of presentation. Unlike the past, modern pre-recorded videos last for shorter times (6 seconds), rather than 30 seconds. This is because shorter videos consume lesser time to read. To further increase the convenience, most of these videos have subtitles which enable people to view without turning up the volume.

In the future, more companies are likely to abandon the traditional means of video advertising in favor of live streaming. Indeed, there are several platforms that offer this services, including YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, and so forth.

Regardless of the method you use to present video averts, it is paramount to make sure that the content is entertaining and brief. It should also be informative and have a description using the keywords used by the targeted clients. Lastly, it should render smoothly across all devices, notwithstanding their resolution or screen size.

Influencer Marketing

As expected, not everybody is a fan of the popup advertisement banners and video promoting your brand. Often, people who perceive such campaigns as a nuisance deploy ad-blocking software in their web browsers. The ideal alternative in such a situation is using an influencer.

There is a widespread misconception that an influencer must be a celebrity. Although an eminent personality can boost your brand visibility, micro-influencers can equally be as effective (or even better). This is because they interact one-on-one with prospective clients.

The interaction with clients enables the micro-influencers to establish trust with customers, a factor that drives up sales. Micro-influencers are also cheaper to hire than celebrities.

High-Quality Marketing Content

Businesses are in a perpetual competition to appear more appealing to the target clients. To stand out, such institutions must produce high-quality goods and services. The same applies to the content used in marketing.

Almost every niche is typified by competition among participating businesses. As the number of companies increases, the quality of goods produced will certainly improve as the enterprises compete for the clients. It is imperative to ensure that the digital marketing content is relevant and intuitive.


As the year draws to a close, it is important for businesses to familiarize with the digital marketing trends that will be popular in 2019. Getting acquainted with such practices allows the companies to formulate strategies for their deployment. Furthermore, their implementation is almost a surefire guarantee to the success of the company’s brand and sales.

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Whether you opt for AI, voice searching, algorithms or any of the practices mentioned above, it is worth noting that human interaction still leads the way in the field of marketing. And, traditional methods can be used in combination with digital marketing techniques. Therefore, these methods must be used in such a way that the user gets the best possible experience.


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