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2020 was a turbulent year for businesses, to say the least. Covid-19 brought many aspects of life to a halt as gyms, shops, restaurants, hotels, and more were forced to close indefinitely. Countless businesses had to move their operations online almost overnight, while tens of millions of people were forced to work from home.

There are signs of hope for the businesses that adapted, however, as factors including the vaccine rollout have driven the UK economy to grow at its fastest rate in over 80 years. Regardless, the events of the past 18 months have shown how important it is for businesses to plan ahead where possible.

Partnering with external business consultants can help SMEs monitor trends in their industry and manage risk. In the meantime, here are five business trends that owners should be keeping tabs on.

1Flexible working

The enforced abandonment of physical office spaces allowed many people to try remote working for the first time. Almost half of the UK’s workforce did at least some work from home in April 2020, and while the government’s work from home guidance has now officially ended, flexible working appears to be here to stay.

Many companies are taking hybrid approaches to offer the best of both remote and office working.


With ever-evolving waves and restrictions, the ongoing uncertainty of the past year or so has made adaptability, resiliency, and innovation essential. Those who were flexible to change stood the best chance of prospering – but businesses aren’t out of the woods yet.

Creating forecasts and plans for further disruptions can help businesses move quickly should further restrictions come in.


With retail stores closed, open and then closed again, the pandemic has changed the way people of all ages shop. Online shopping was already growing year by year, but the conditions of the pandemic have tipped the balance even further.

In-person shopping experiences still offer value across most sectors – but setting up for e-commerce too is a no-brainer for retail businesses.

4Supporting local business

Following a multitude of campaigns and appeals, many UK residents took it upon themselves to spend money locally rather than with multinational corporations. People want to help their communities bounce back – and greater public awareness of these issues means the goodwill is likely to last.

There are various ways businesses can drum up local support, including optimizing digital marketing efforts through tools such as Google My Business.

5Conscious consumption

Shopping local isn’t the only conscious trend to persist in recent times. The public has long been growing increasingly environmentally aware, while social justice issues around race and gender have also risen to the fore.

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to promote their values and back them up through actions. Doing so can win the support of like-minded people in a push for the greater good of society.

Is your business responding to the current conditions? Tapping into emerging trends like these will help companies stay ahead of the curve in 2021.


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