Client Communication Rules
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Poor communication can ruin client relationships, client timelines and the overall client experience. Good communication can be vital to the success of your startup.

Here are 5 Client Communication Rules that will help you develop a communication strategy that will work for you.

Client Engagement

Engaging clients in real-time has become easier than ever with tools such as Client Relationship Management Systems. Platforms like Bloom enable you to manage your client relationships, by storing notes, data and metrics all in the one place.

By streamlining your client interfacing method, it allows you to optimise engagement while collecting data to help you understand your client better.

Optimising customer experience is not only a great way to get new customers. It’s also one of the best ways of nurturing customer loyalty.


Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication. Your client generally has an idea of what they want from you and they need you to practice active listening.

Genuine listening is an important element in building any client relationship as it promotes a constructive discussion.

By giving them your undivided attention, taking notes and asking questions. You are letting them know that you are someone who listens to their needs and goals.

Build Personal Relationships

You can build strategies, have eye-catching content and a great product but the key to client retention is building long-lasting relationships.

While each client is different and it is always important to be professional. By acknowledging your client as an individual and spending the extra time to get to know them. It presents a great opportunity to build relationships and making a lasting impression that extends beyond your services.

The way you treat others can go a long way.

Manage Expectations

As business owners, we know our process, our timeline and our workload. Sometimes we forget how unfamiliar this process can be to our clients. This is where great communication can make all the difference.

Be transparent. By having open conversations about what is needed to complete the task, you can set clear and realistic deliverables.

Not to mention by setting reasonable expectations, you allow yourself to impress your client. Positioning yourself as someone they would like to work with again and again.

Having The Right Tools

Being the head of a start-up requires you to be across multiple departments and projects. Poor communication can be due to a lack of organisation or relying on insufficient technology.

A project management tool that allows you to set up workflows, build processes and keep all your documents in the one place can make your day to day run smoother.

Being able to quickly and easily understand the context of each project as well as keeping your processes organised, keeps your business running like a well-oiled machine.

It’s, undeniably, worth spending the extra time developing a communication strategy that works for you. Having good communication practices in place will engage your clients, build rapport and inspire loyalty, ensuring long-lasting relationships with clients.


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