Google’s Chrome browser has a ton of tricks that can help make your experience better. Well, the debate over which web browser is the best has been raging for a long time now. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there is something unique about the sleek, minimalist browser that is Google Chrome. It is one popular browser with tons of features you can unlock. Well, here are tricks that you should try to improve your user experience.

Use Incognito Mode

You can keep your browsing history private and away from prying eyes. In the normal mode, Chrome can record your browsing history and store cookies, which might threaten your privacy. You can easily enhance private browsing by going into an Incognito Mode in the browser. Simply:

  • Click on the three-dot icon on the top-right corner of the Google Chrome browser.
  • Select “New Incognito Window”

Alternatively, if you are using a mobile phone:

  • Tap the three-dot icon on the bottom-right in iOS or top-right in Android.
  • Select “New Incognito Tab

You will have secured your browsing history and, therefore, your privacy.

Block Notifications & Inappropriate Sites

Notifications are crucial as they will alert you in case of any instant message that you are needed to attend to immediately. While that is a good thing, it could quickly turn into distractions. Imagine you are in the middle of a virtual business presentation, and your PC screen fills with notifications!

Chrome offers you the flexibility to choose which notifications to block and which ones to allow. That will make your screen less cluttered by distractions from websites and improve your focus. You can also block sites that get you distracted or are inappropriate. Here is a nice guide ( that covers how to block any website in chrome. You can use extensions to help handle any site or social media. You can unblock it when you want.

Cast your Screen

Do you know that you can watch content on TV that is streaming from your phone? Yes, Chromecast is the feature in Chrome browser that allows you to cast content from video-streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. You can do this from your phone to your TV for everyone in the room to watch with Google Chromecast. You can beam what you see on your PC screen to the TV with Chrome’s built-in Cast functionality.

The most direct way to realize this is to right-click anywhere in Google Chrome and select Cast. Alternatively, you can get it through the three-dot icon on the top right. When the pop-up window appears, select the Chromecast-enabled device on which you would like your browser window to appear.

Update Autofill for Easier Shopping

Who wants to keep filling up the same details each time they want to make an online purchase? Definitely not you. You want to save time for more crucial activities and navigate shopping with ease. Thankfully, Chrome has made that easier with the autofill feature. To access your credit card and shipping information while shopping online, navigate to the settings menu. You will see entries for “Payment Methods” and “Address and more.” Each time Chrome identifies a form to purchase something, the data you have updated and saved here will automatically show up in a drop-down list. However, you will still have to enter your credit card’s CVC number for security purposes while shopping.

Final Remarks

It is inevitable to work in the modern-day without using the internet. It means that you will most likely be using the Google Chrome browser. It is best if you know much more than just searching the web. Try out some of these tricks to improve your overall experience on Chrome

Image Credits: Bustle


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