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In today’s marketplace, products, price, and location are becoming even more competitive, which makes the spotlight on customer service a competitive advantage that continues to grow. For a small business, the stakes are even higher. According to a survey by American Express, 81 per cent of respondents feel that smaller firms place a greater emphasis on customer service, compared to larger companies. If you’re a small business that’s looking for ways to supercharge your sales, you’ll want to avoid these four common mistakes that could be scaring away your potential customers

Creating Password Fatigue

With an increase in data breaches, consumers want to use systems that have strong security measures in, but this can become a double-edged sword. If you ask the average person how many passwords they have, they probably wouldn’t know the answer. Janrain released a study suggests that nearly 75 per cent of all consumers are suffering from password fatigue. Rather than requiring potential consumers create a password, try to issue social logins when possible for your website.

Turning Your Back on Mobile Commerce

Most businesses have come to understand the importance of mobile devices. Just about everyone these days has a smartphone, and they are dominating the time people spend online. However, some businesses haven’t realized the importance of making it possible for consumers to shop and pay for items online. Nearly half of all purchases are now being made on a mobile device, and 60 per cent of consumers are making purchases on a mobile device monthly. If you have a mobile site that doesn’t offer payment options, you could be losing potential customers to a competitor that does.

Overusing Email Marketing

Email marketing can be the most effective tactic in a small business’s online marketing strategy; unfortunately, it often gets overused. This is especially true during the holiday shopping season. Take the time to review your email and website analytics carefully to check the rate of open, click-through, and conversions on the emails that you send. Make sure that the emails that you send have a clear way for consumers to unsubscribe, and when customers want out, let them go. You can opt to use a marketing automation tool, like to help you regulate your email campaign and other marketing efforts.

Inadequate Options for Customer Service

Many of the larger companies are turning to more technology-based solutions for customer service problems. There are a ton of options that can be used, and some of them are, in fact, quite effective. However, these solutions aren’t universally loved by all consumers. Many consumers want to speak to a live person, while others are fine with live chat. A recent study indicated that 60 per cent of consumers want better choices when it comes to customer service support, which makes relying too heavily on one a costly mistake. The study also found that 82 per cent of respondents would stop dealing with a company after a bad customer support experience.

As with all things business, every business owner will have to decide for themselves what they can do to improve their customer service experience. However, with the knowledge about the four common mistakes that could be scaring away your potential customers can help you create a customer experience that will retain more customers and increase sales.


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