Yeah. You definitely must have heard about Coca-Cola, even the Biblical blind Bathemos knows about it (just exaggerating, lol). In fact, Coca-Cola is one of the few things we can say with confidence that 98% of the entire world knows about.

If you tell me that you don’t know or have never heard about Coca-Cola in your entire life, then I can say you’re definitely from one of those tribes still leaving primitively deep inside the Amazon forest (pardon if that sound offensive).

But that should underline how common and famous Coca-Cola is to the people of the world, and it would be a surprise if one should say “I’ve never heard of it.”

Of course, chances are that you are familiar with the basic history of Coca-Cola—how it was originally invented by John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist, and who then before his death sold the formula and the patent right to a man named Asa Candler which founded the famous name Coca-Cola, and made the drink that once contain cocaine into one of the most famous drinks of all time.

But there are more extraordinary things you didn’t know about the soft drink, and here are 25 of those facts you may not have heard known about Coca-Cola.

1Coca-Cola is sold in all countries of the world except in two—North Korea and Cuba.

2Every single day, more than 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola are consumed all over the world.

3The soft drink contains a very high level of acid, and that’s the reason why it can be used as a cleaning agent, same way as a normal household chemical cleaning agent.

4A can of one 355ml Coca-cola has a content of 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is roughly the level of sugar recommended for an adult person for an entire day.

5After “Okay,” Coca-Cola is the second most understood word in the entire world.

6The production process of Coca-Cola requires the huge amount of water, and this has caused a water shortage in some places where it is produced such as in Africa, Latin America and in India where supplies are scarce.

7The brand name “Coca-Cola” is the third most valuable brand in the world, with an estimated value of $74 billion far more than Pepsi, Budweiser, Red Bull and Starbucks combined.

8The Coca-Cola Company also has a wide range of unbelievable product portfolio, which runs about 3,900 beverages of different types.

9It was in 1927 that the Coca-Cola brand entered the Chinese market, and the meaning of the Chinese letters used for the name “Koka Kola” is interpreted as “Wax flattened mare” under the Chinese language.

10The Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta houses a vault that secures one of the most protected secrets in the world—the legendary recipe for Coca-Cola.

11All the drinks that the company has ever produced are capable of filling a giant reservoir which covers 30km in length, 15k, in width and 656 ft in depth. Over a billion people can swim in such reservoir.

12The year 1982 saw the debut of “Diet Coke,” which immediately became popular as the world most famous diet drink.

13Coca-Cola first servings were sold only at 5 cents per glass.

1416 Once upon a time, the Coca-Cola Company ran a program aimed at discouraging people from ordering tap water. Instead, the company wishes that more people should order profitable drinks like theirs instead of drinking tap water.

15It was on July 12, 1985, that Coca-Cola made history as the only soft drink to be consumed right in outer space when astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger tested the Coca-Cola space can.

16It is estimated that an average person consumes a bottle or can of Coca-Cola every four days.

17It would surprise to know that the popular Coca-Cola logo was hand-written and designed by Frank Robinson, who happens to be the inventor’s (J.S Pemberton) bookkeeper.

18Glass plant workers in Indiana were responsible for the creation of the Coca-Cola unique bottle style. The designers thought cocoa was part of the ingredients used in making the drink, a so they designed the bottle to look exactly like a cocoa seed. Although they were wrong, the design still remains in use to this day.

19Coca-Cola uses exactly 2.7 litres of water to make 1 litre of the product. In 2004, the company made use of 75 billion gallons of water in its production process.

20The Coca-Cola company s never missed out on sponsoring opportunities. It became the first company to sponsor the Olympics when it does so for the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928.

21With over 105 million fans on Facebook, Coca-Cola is one of the world most famous brands on social media.

22Asa Candler paid just $550 to buy Coca-Cola from its inventor, J.S Pemberton, in 1888.

23Coke is a carbonated drink and it is said to be responsible for the loss of bone calcium, including brittle and weakness in bone.

24Coca-Cola was first invented as a medicine by John S. Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist, in 1886.

25Do you know that Coca-Cola once contained a strong amount of cocaine? Yes, it does. One of the soft drink main ingredients from which the drink is made is Coca leaves. The ingredient continues to be part of the drink making process until it was eliminated in 1929.


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