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Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, has a growing economy that provides a perfect environment for the growth of startups in India. The extensive business opportunities in Bangalore has made it the ‘Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities’ as declared by Forbes. It is the third-largest hub for rich individuals and home to millionaires. This makes Bangalore a perfect place for a startup.

Startups thrive on the solution to difficulties faced by the people. Various difficulties faced by people before moving to startup ideas:

  • Less Time, More Work – Bangalore is the IT hub of India meaning a lot of IT individuals in Bangalore who have no time to do household work.
  • Backache and Stiff Body – The work of IT people revolves around sitting for a long time without physical exercise.
  • No one to take care of the children – Since Bangalore is an expensive city, both parents work so there is no one to take care of their children.
  • No comfortable place for students – Bangalore is also an educational hub for universities. It is often seen that students do not have a comfortable place to stay.

Startups who can solve the above-listed difficulties are as follows:

Food Related Startups

Organic Food Production

The IT hub has working individuals who want to stay healthy and choose to eat organic food. The demand for organic food has grown very rapidly. So if you own a small or large area, you can start organic farming. You can also add a feature to get it delivered at the doorstep. Organic food delivery is a good startup option.

Home Cooked Meals at Doorstep

If you are working at the IT hub, coming back home and cooking feels like a laborious task. It would be better if you could get a home-cooked meal at your doorstep. The working class wants a home-cooked meal. So, you can either cook yourself or hire people to prepare home-cooked meals. Home-cooked meals can also be delivered to offices for lunch and at home for dinner.

Healthy Fast Food

Busy life compels people to skip breakfast, so they tend to grab a bite at fast food joints. But people also want healthy food. So a startup in which people can grab healthy fast food to be sure to thrive is a good idea. Healthy fast food is a great option for those who don’t have the time to cook.

Health-Related Startups

Spa, Yoga & Physiotherapists

People sitting from nine to five, often get backaches and stiffness. To solve these issues, you can open an all-in-one gym, spa, yoga, and physiotherapy space so people don’t need to run to different places for various services. If all the facilities are present in a single place, then it will attract more customers. You can get a place near offices or residential areas for the better.


Those who want to earn without going out of the home can create a space in your home and buy in some machines to get a home-based gym. But you must have proper trainers and all the equipment must be in good condition.

Home Related Startups

Cleaning Services

One of the things that the working class doesn’t want to do or don’t have the time to do is cleaning. So, if you can offer services to people related to house cleaning at affordable prices, your startup is sure to thrive. Establishing a company which could provide house helpers is easy and requires fewer funds as compared to startups, but their verification must be done properly.

Handyman Services

Handyman services are required by commercial buildings and households. So, providing a handyman would be the goal of your startups.

Cooking at home

Professional life has become so busy that there’s hardly any time to cook. So, you can arrange cooks for such people. This idea also requires less money.

Students Related Startups

Providing PGs or Home

Many students move to Bangalore to pursue higher studies but the condition of food and lodging at some hostels is not good. Students prefer a home-like environment so want to live in PGs. If you have room to spare, you can start up a PG. You can also include home-cooked meals.

Tuition Classes

If you can explain concepts well, then you can run your tuition classes. Tuition classes are very profitable. You just need to complete the syllabus on time. You can hold tuition classes at your convenience.

Unique Ideas From Startups

These were some of the affordable startups. Now let’s take a look at some unique ideas:

Ride back home

It is seen that parents are busy picking up their children to and from school or classes. They are also worried about leaving their children with drivers. To solve this problem, you can start an evolutionary mode of transportation for children and ensure their safety back home. You can schedule cabs for kids going to or coming back from their classes which would include live video surveillance, GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing, Panic Buttons, and Vehicle Immobilizers to ensure their safety. You can also include insurance for traveling kids and ensure that drivers have a strict verification process to increase the trust of your customers.

Personal Finance Management

There are various courses to help manage corporate finances but none for personal finance management. No one can tell us about personal finances. It is neither an educational subject nor a dinner table conversation at home. You can teach people about the basics of personal finance management. You can also make the learning process fun by quizzes and games. Upload the videos at any course site or create your website or an app. The core idea of the startup is to teach a subject that is not being taught anywhere in the market and help people function smoothly.

Parent-Child Relationship Consulting

You can create a portal or an app in which there are various counselors available to solve doubts or problems of parents or children. In this modern world, it is difficult to connect to parents and children. Parents and children can ask their questions guilt-free to different counselors about all their aspects of life. To ensure trust in customers, good counselors, and privacy must be maintained.

Corporate Engagement

Those who want to use the corporate world for their advantage can create a platform that will help various leaders and teams engage. The basic role is to help different women and men entrepreneurs to create new business opportunities. You can create a community builder to enhance the business.

Handmade Art

These days handmade art is extremely popular in Bangalore. So, you can create a platform for all handmade crafts workers and create personalized gifts and art pieces for people. These unique gifting ideas will create a great opportunity for your startup. You can also use handmade art for corporate gifting.

Promoting Startups

The startups are thriving in the economy but for a startup to run successfully requires promotion. So, you can create startups that will engage startups and media agencies who will be promoting the startups in various ways. You can also start by giving a brand its name to create a brand communication and its strategy.

Videos Creation

In the world of brand advertising, videos play an important role. The videos with the use of animation in minimal budget create advertisements and explainer videos. This startup will help businesses to use the power of video marketing at an affordable price.

These startups require money. You can easily get business loans in Bangalore. These loans will not only boost your business but will also provide enough financial support to your startup. You can get a startup loan in Bangalore.


These documents will help you get a business loan in Bangalore.

Requirements Documents
AgeThe application should be 21 to 65 years of age.

For verification documents you can provide:

●       PAN card

●       Birth Certificate

●       Voter Card

●       Aadhaar Card

Proof of AddressFor proof of address of the place of residence

●       Driving Licence

●       Aadhar Card

●       Pan Card


For proof of address of the firm

●       Rent/Ownership Deed

●       Partnership Deed (if any)

Financial ConditionDocuments required:-

●       Last six months of bank statement

●       Ownership deeds

Startup IdeaThe startup idea plan is required and with planning.
Other original documentsCertified originals and Memoranda are required.


These ideas will help you find different types of startup ideas.

Bangalore is known for fulfilling the dreams of new entrepreneurs. The IT hub has several opportunities for startups to flourish. The startup policy launched by the Karnataka government supports various startups to reach their full potential.

You can easily get business loans in Bangalore. With such opportunities and great support from the government, entrepreneurs can build great startup models that can thrive quickly. These golden opportunities will help you shape your future and will create a great startup to support the economy.


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