Aadithyan Rajesh
Credits - Khaleej Times

What were you doing when you were thirteen? I was watching cartoons on Television and playing Contra on the 90s gaming consoles. However, every child is not the same. There is a new addition to the list of child prodigies. He holds a degree in Sciences Informatiques from American University of Sharjah, UAE.

Aadithyan Rajesh, a 13-year-old boy from Kerala owns a software development firm in Dubai. Yes! it is named ‘Trinet Solutions‘. Since the age of five, Aadithyan developed a keen interest in computers and has been developing computer games. At the age of nine, he developed his first mobile application out of boredom. Apart from coding, he is very efficient with his graphics designing skills and has designed logos and websites for dozens of companies.

“I love to code and design my own apps and games. I was born in Thiruvilla, Kerala and my family moved here when I was five. The first website my dad showed me was BBC Typing, a website for kids where young students can learn typing. I need to be above 18 years to become a company owner. However, we function as a company. We have worked with over 12 clients, and have given them our design and coding services entirely for free,” Aadithyan told the Dubai-based English daily.

Rajesh N Renjini Nair, the father of Aadithyan Rajesh, works in Dubai and he was the one who introduced Aadithyan to the world of website designing and coding. The firm has three employees who are all fellow students from Aadithyan ‘s school. Aadithyan is a student of Elite English School in Abu Hail, Deira.

Before founding the company at the age of thirteen, he used to upload his mobile applications on Aptoide, an alternative marketplace for Android mobile applications. Aadithyan said his interest in technology and computers were developed primarily because his family used to live in a neighbourhood where he did not have too many friends.

He had developed an app called ‘Aashirwad Browser‘, a web browser very similar to Google Chrome but with lesser customization. He used Android Studio to develop the app when he was nine but never uploaded it to Google Play Store because he was unable to pay the base fee of $25 that Play Store charges.

He is currently developing a class management app for his teachers which will reduce the daily work by enabling a pop-up notification for tests, upcoming classes and noting down marks. He is also an active YouTuber and produces videos on his channel ‘A Craze’. He teaches others about android app development through his channel.

His parents and sister Aaradhya have been really supportive. His sister is just six but shoots all his videos for the YouTube channel. The IT wizard works during the weekends on his company. He goes to school in the morning and heads back home in the evening. He then learns Math, spends some time on his company and then works on his YouTube channel.


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